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“Why didn’t it work?”

If you are visiting with us today, you have probably asked yourself this question many times – about cold turkey attempts to quit, about failed detox programs, or about treatments that didn’t work.
You are probably searching in desperation for ways to make the cravings stop, or hating yourself for not being strong enough to quit. But quitting is not about willpower – it’s about support and proper medical treatment. And you can find both of those things here with us.

We warmly welcome you to Ibogaine by David Dardashti. Once of the most beautiful Ibogaine treatment centers located in beautiful and luxurious Puerto Playa Del Carmen, our resort-style medical facility offers a haven of safety and comfort as we guide you through your journey of recovery.
At our resort, we provide you with one of the most powerful cures for drug and alcohol addiction – a treatment that has proven to work where other programs have failed. By visiting our site today, you have found the doorway to a life free of addiction – a life of freedom and well-being.

The Myth of Weakness, The Causes of Addiction
You already know that there is no simple fix for an alcohol or drug addiction; if you didn’t, you would not be on our site today. Dealing with substance abuse is for many an unwinnable struggle of mental, physical, and spiritual anguish, one that is filled with lapses and self-loathing.

It is important to realize, however, that the cycle of addiction is not about weakness or flawed character – it has its basis in very real physical causes.

Recent research has shown that numerous factors combine together to create addiction – factors such as past trauma, imbalances in brain chemistry, and difficult upbringings. In these cases, the wounded psyche protects itself through self-medication, just as your immune system fights off a disease.

And just as with a physical disease, the solution cannot be limited to eliminating the symptoms – the substances in your system – but must include identifying and healing the disease itself.

How it Works
Our Ibogaine treatment center gives you the opportunity to naturally detoxify not only your body, but your mind as well. The Ibogaine treatment program for substance abuse has been successful at treating individuals for numerous different addictions, including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, methadone, and opiate drugs like Suboxone and other pharmaceuticals.

The Ibogaine detox program works on a physical level by correcting dopamine uptake pathways in the brain, and mentally and spiritually by focusing on healing the root causes of your addiction.

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You have suffered tremendously from the pain of addiction. And though you possess the strength never to give up in your efforts, there may be, buried in the pit of your stomach, a panicked, quivering terror that says you will never be free.

That voice is lying. While past treatment programs or attempts to quit may have failed, it is likely because they have addressed only the symptoms. Come find a reprieve with us, and treat the disease itself.

Call one of our warm, friendly, and knowledgeable Ibogaine professionals today to learn more about how we can help you along the path to a life free from addiction. Please call us at 1-888-462-1164, or fill out our contact form, below.

Freeing yourself from your addiction will not get any easier over time. You have found the door, but it is up to you to take that first step through – contact us now to take back your life.


Ibogaine is a superior treatment for many things besides drug addiction. Not only did it take me off of all medication I was on but I have a kidney disease and it brought my kidney levels down to 1st stage or close. I have more energy than I have ever had. My brain is sharper than ever. I feel better than I have felt in years. My children say I look 10 years younger and I looked younger before the treatment. My doctor says my brain is sharper than ever and my blood pressure is perfect.

Cheryl, drug addiction and alzheimer's

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