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For both Medical Afflictions and Addictions

Ibogaine is an herbal extract usually administered in capsule form. This herbal extract does not cure anything. It is a trigger to reignite your body to heal itself. At Ibogaine Clinic, one of the established Ibogaine treatment centers in North America, we are able to treat more than just Addictions, which Ibogaine is already well known for. Many Medical conditions both physical and mental, respond very well to our treatment as a healing trigger. Your body is a very complex powerful machine, even when it’s ill. ‘Maintenance medications’ and drugs of all kinds can help treat symptoms or cover the problem. Nothing can compare to your body working in overtime to truly heal. Addiction is a much simpler protocol than what we need for different Medical Conditions. Please Contact our Ibogaine treatment clinic directly if you would like to be treated for a Medical Condition other than addiction. Many of the effects you see on our website, only apply to those who receive an Addiction ‘Flood Dose’ of Ibogaine. Most illnesses/medical conditions do NOT require a flood dose, so the response from your body is much gentler and the process is longer (10 plus days).

About our clinic

We are the “Official” Ibogaine Clinic in the USA, for those who don’t mind travelling just south of border (as our physical location is in Mexico). Our facility has treated over 3,000 patients and counting since opening the doors over 10 years ago providing the most sophisticated Ibogaine treatments available.

We have good news, there is hope. That is the message we are trying to impart on everyone who suffers from addiction. No matter how hopeless and dire your situation may seem, you too can detox from your addiction and move on with your life. Many of us at Clinic were once in the same position as you. Today we live meaningful and fulfilling lives because of Ibogaine. With the proper medical Ibogaine treatment, anyone can arrest their addictions and forward. The original Ibogaine Clinic is located in a safe tropical paradise setting outside Playa Del Carmen that inspires a life lasting body, mind and spiritual change.

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Quality Service

Every patient is treated for their individual needs by, David Dardashti. We only use the highest medical grade Ibogaine HCL. Since 2004 our patients have been treated without the experiencing traditional symptoms of withdrawal. Our clinic has never had any medical emergencies tied to our treatments. We take pride in being the safest Ibogaine treatment facility in the world.

We offer Better then home Meals

With three healthy home cooked meals a day, you will be well fed. No Rehab cafeteria food. After taking Ibogaine your senses will be renewed, making it easy to enjoy local fruit, veggies and fish. You won't be eating Peanut Butter and Jelly... Unless you want too.

24 Hour monitoring

A 24/7 medical staff of doctors, nurses and coaches that understand our protocals and its use in Detox and Rehabilitation. You can be sure your needs will be looked after by friendly certified health professionals familiar with your needs.

Certified Health Care

Our facility uses an EKG and other equipment, you would find at any modern detox center. Your Blood Pressure and Heart Rate can be monitored constantly, to verify your heart and body are on the right track for healing and renewal.

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