Ibogaine Complex Trauma

Complex Trauma

     Complex trauma can be tricky for a person to deal with. Rather than one single event or series of events, this form of trauma can involve different events from completely different situations that relate under a single underlying emotional response. For example a person may deal with sexual abuse early on in life […]

Ibogaine Chronic Trauma

Chronic Trauma

     Many times a person is not simply struggling with a single event . They often are dealing with an ongoing trauma. This involves a series of life events relating to a difficult predicament the person is placed in. For example, the person may have dealt with ongoing physical, mental, and emotional abuse over […]

Ibogaine Acute Trauma

Ibogaine Trauma

     It is hard enough dealing with a painful memory in life, however, it is even more difficult knowing that the event is still causing you pain in the present.  Acute trauma is a single event that has occurred in a person’s life causing them distress in the current moment. This can be something […]