Post Ibogaine Treatment: 3-Person Process Group

Hear what these 3 gentlemen have to say about the treatment they received at Ibogaine Clinic by David Dardashti.

Not only does Ibogaine help people heal and take back control of their lives, but David is also restoring hope to those who otherwise have lost sight of it. In this video, first-hand accounts of the treatment process and the subsequent healing that takes place help you to understand why so many people are raving about Ibogaine treatment.

Addiction to drugs cannot be controlled by any means possible. If the addict is to truly recover they must give up the substances completely. This first step can be devastating to the individual. Not only are they giving up something they truly love, but they are also left with despair when stopping. It is then that the addict must learn to rehabilitate themselves, to relieve themselves of this illness for good.

The individual must take a deep look into themselves and rid themselves of their inner demons, which are causing them to use in the first place. Every task performed in life becomes a challenge as they must learn to perform these obstacles, without the use of drugs. They cannot, however, do this alone and must rely on God as their greatest ally.  They must recreate their life, removing themselves from all the turmoil, leading them to use. Recovery from drugs can teach a person to push beyond normal limitations, leading themselves towards a life fueled by glorious redemption.


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