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Clinic Staff

At Ibogaine Clinic we have an amazing staff to help with our everyday responsibilities. Find out about them all here.

Ibogaine Clinic Founder David Dardashti
David Dardashti – Ibogaine Clinic Founder, Theologian & Researcher
Dr. Castro – Ibogaine Clinic Psychologist
Dr. Francisco Aguirre Marquez – Ibogaine Clinic General Practitioner, Anahuac University & University of Phoenix, Medical Director at MD+PLAYA
Dr. Kitzia Ruiz Navarro – Ibogaine Clinic Bipolar Disorder & Depression Specialist, Psychiatrist at Mexican Institute for
Social Securit
Marilu Morales – Ibogaine Clinic Chef
Marili Lopez – Ibogaine Clinic Nurse, Alpha Institute University
Maria Pilar Aguilar – Ibogaine Clinic Nurse, Autonoma de Guerrero University
ibogaine clinic massage therapist
Paloma Diaz Salvador – Ibogaine Clinic Massage Therapist, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Facials & Deep Tissue Specialist, ICAT Certification of Massage, Imcufideh School of Acupuncture, Holistic institute Maya
Manchas – Ibogaine Clinic Companion
Patrick Chiapatta – Ibogaine Clinic Chief Technology Officer, Southern Connecticut State University
Mariana Dominguez – Ibogaine Clinic Nutritionist
Jennifer Del Rio – Ibogaine Clinic Nurse, La Salle University of Cancun