Unlike many drug detox and rehab clinics, Ibogaine Clinic is like a large family household where people are treated with dignity and “family style” care. Entering the house is like coming to visit a good friend. The, clinic, including the white marble tile floors, are cleaned daily by the friendly and conscientious staff. The location is a gated neighborhood in a tropical setting. Local wildlife frequent the yard and offer some extra entertainment should you decide to venture out into the consistently warm humid weather.

A large livingroom area is available to sit around and chat with staff and other patients. A dining area off the kitchen has room for 6 to sit comfortably, but often the personalized attention to patients is only divided between 3 or 4. Excellent cooks manage and serve fresh, kosher prepared meals that flex with the treatment schedules of the individuals.


Management staff have their office just off the living room/dining room areas. There is usually someone available to answer questions and always someone to provide the individualized care and treatment the Ibogaine Clinic is known for.

A nurse’s room on the main floor is furnished with two twin beds for monitoring first dose reactions to an Ibogaine treatment. Nursing staff is on site 24 hours a day.

A walk up the wide staircase takes one to the 3 patient rooms. Each room has its own bathroom with a shower, two beds, either full or twin size, and a flat screen television set. The rooms are tastefully but simply adorned. They do not feel like rooms in a clinic, with lots of sunlight. There is abundant closet space should it be needed. Each room features its own air conditioning unit and a walkout door to a private patio area.

The backyard of the Ibogaine Clinic home is home to many plants and an inviting swimming pool. The covered patio is a favorite spot to sit outside to smoke, chat, or just think. You can relax in a hammock or take a walk in the safe gated and heavily patrolled area. Lounge chairs are can be moved about to give you the best view of the golf course just beyond the backyard, or the colorful birds flying to and from, or perched in the trees. Agouti, and tejon are seen often.

A vacation destination area (see the video). You can enjoy great beaches, a dolphin experience, shops, a spa, and beautiful scenery.


We are proud to offer a number of amenities within our resort. Clients purchasing any Package have access to a  number of different activities, which they can arrange to pay for and participate in. Platinum clients even have many amenities already included in their package. There are miles and miles of soothing, sunlit beaches, within easy walking distance of the resort, and free to enjoy. Whether you choose to participate in all of the activities or none of them, we will do everything we can to make your experience at our facility an enjoyable one.


All of these fantastic activities are available within walking distance of the resort. Besides the main reason for your stay, you can:

  • Swim with dolphins in the clear Caribbean waters
  • Snorkel and scuba dive around nearby reefs
  • Fish from the shoreline or from a ship
  • Take boat tours in and around Playa Del Carmen
  • Golf (golf cart rentals are also available)
  • Work out at a fully equipped gym
  • Participate in yoga classes
  • Get a relaxing massage
  • Visit the local caverns or the Cedam Museum
  • Enjoy shopping at local souvenir stands

We are not what you may think…

…when you think about a rehabilitation clinic.

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