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Freedom From Addiction

david ibogaine 18

Addiction is certainly a form of enslavement.

david ibogaine 18

It can be compared to slavery for numerous reasons. The main reason is that it takes full control over your life. Being free from addiction is just like a slave is free from his master.

The addict initially starts using the drug to control his emotions. This is like someone who asks for a simple favor from the mafia. The addict may seem to have better control of his emotions from the start. Like the mafia, however, the drug will come back to haunt him. Over time the person has no control over their emotions, the drug now controls them.

Having no control over one’s emotion makes the individual in active addiction, have no control over their life. The emotions associated with one’s passions loved ones, and dreams are replaced by the constant need to get high. The addict will engage in all kinds of demonic behaviors to achieve high.

The true-self no longer belongs to the individual. This causes a false self to be created, which is accompanied by lies and manipulation. This can cause a person to do things they would not do normally to get the drugs. This can include behaviors needed to get the funds for the drug, that the true self would not do.

Addicts will lie, steal, and cheat to get money for drugs. They will start engaging in the black market means to get drugs. Many times, this includes selling drugs, which causes harm to another individual. The addict many times will go as far as to sell their own bodies in the form of prostitution. This enslavement does indeed bring the worse out of a person and only sobriety can truly set them free.

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