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Ibogaine Alzheimers


Alzheimer’s is a deadly type of dementia involving a disorder of the limbic and association cortices. Most patients suffering from this disease have less than 14 years to live. The cause of Alzheimer’s is unknown, but it is strongly believed that plaques and tangles accumulate in the brain and are a major factor in the development of the disease, furthermore free radicals are formed and start killing brain cells.


Treatment of Alzheimer’s has been until now based only on alleviating the symptoms, with no cure in sight. Because of the potential of antioxidants to reduce the damage caused by free radicals the benefits of these substances have been studied in the treatment of Alzheimer’s with varying results. Ibogaine itself is not an antioxidant, but apart from having an effect in multiple receptors on the brain it has also shown the ability to boost the body’s own antioxidant system, said effects open a door on the study of Ibogaine in the treatment of Alzheimer’s furthermore patients treated in this clinic for multiple diseases have shown an increase in cognitive abilities related to the intake of Ibogaine that is not doses dependent. To learn more about how we treat Alzheimer’s disease symptoms with Ibogaine treatment please call David at 1-888-462-1164 . You can also send us an inquiry here.

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