get off suboxone

How to Get off Suboxone Using Ibogaine Treatment

Today, a common theme in the U.S. is an increase in individuals trying to find out How to Get off Suboxone. To understand the options, it’s important to take a look at some of the history, effects and challenges of the drug. While Suboxone gained popularity in use as a recovery

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when to visit ibogaine treatment center

When is the Right Time to Visit an Ibogaine Treatment Center?

You’ve thought long and hard, and you’re seriously considering visiting an ibogaine treatment center in Mexico – but one question remains: when is the right moment to commit? After spending time with hundreds upon hundreds of guests, each with their own unique story, we’ve got a strong handle on the

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ayahuasca vs ibo copy

Ayahuasca vs Ibogaine: What You Need to Know

Being in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, our facility is in the heart of an incomparable area of the world, one brimming with mystical energies, ancient rituals, as well as a deep respect for the Earth and the tools it provides us. Beyond the stunning beaches, magical cenotes, lush jungle, and warm

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Ibogaine powder

Is it Safe to Buy Ibogaine?

It’s a question we’ve received on numerous phone calls and web chats: ‘can I buy ibogaine from your facility?’ We decided to clear things up in a short article about not only why we strongly recommend people don’t buy it (to be clear, no, we do not sell ibogaine), but

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Is our ibogaine treatment too good to be true?

At Ibogaine Clinic, we’ve helped change the course of thousands of clients’ lives. Clients struggling from anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, depression have found themselves with a new lease on lives, invigorated and on the path toward true freedom from their past burdens. After over 10 years helping our guests heal,

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ibogaine Treatment Mexico

Ibogaine Treatment Centers in Mexico

 Finding Best Ibogaine Clinic  Despite consistent studies that determine ibogaine hydrochloride as the most effective means to help people recover from opiate addiction, ibogaine remains illegal in the United States. Luckily other places of the world find no issue with the medicine and allow well established clinics to help people

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Ibogaine Mexico

Ibogaine Mexico

                          Safest Ibogaine Treatment Center in Mexico       Ibogaine hydrochloride has proven to be the most efficient and successful medicine to help those with opiate addiction. The only problem is that the medicine is not legal in the United

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