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Is ibogaine too good to be true?

At Ibogaine Clinic, we’ve helped change the course of thousands of clients’ lives. Clients struggling from anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, depression have found themselves with a new lease on lives, invigorated and on the path toward true freedom from their past burdens. After over 10 years helping our guests heal, it’s natural people question if …

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ibogaine Treatment Mexico

Ibogaine Treatment Centers in Mexico

 Finding Best Ibogaine Clinic  Despite consistent studies that determine ibogaine hydrochloride as the most effective means to help people recover from opiate addiction, ibogaine remains illegal in the United States. Luckily other places of the world find no issue with the medicine and allow well established clinics to help people recover from their drug addictions.  …

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Ibogaine Kentucky

In the early millennium the oxycontin express gave people the ability to sustain heavy drug addictions without having to go on the streets. This involved legal doctors taking advantage of their abilities and over prescribed opiate medications such as oxycontin. Over the years the authorities have come down on these places, making it difficult to …

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Ibogaine Pennsylvania

     The opiate epidemic continues to escalate all across the United States. The state of Pennsylvania continues to suffer from the horrors of deadly substances. All across the state in both urban and rural areas people have begun to fall into the clutches of addictive substances. Both prescription opiates and street drugs, such as …

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Ibogaine Texas

     Texas is the largest state in the mainland of the United States and the second highest in terms of population. Like many other areas in the country the drug epidemic continues to escalate. This is destroying the lives of many in this densely populated state. The most devastating substances that are contributing to …

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Ibogaine Ohio

    The drug epidemic continues to escalate throughout the United States. In recent years, following the Covid epidemic, drug overdose has increased by over 30 percent. Many of these deaths involve continued manufacturing and distribution of the drug fentanyl, which is far more potent than heroin. The state of Ohio has been nicknamed ground …

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Ibogaine Massachusetts

Ibogaine Massachusetts

OPIOID CRISIS IN MASSACHUSETTS AND HOW IBOGAINE HYDROCHLORIDE HELPED WITH THE PROBLEM Massachusetts has been through a severe opioid crisis over the years. A much astounding event was the use of Ibogaine Hydrochloride to help fight the opiate abuse that resulted in an epidemic.In addition, where ibogaine hydrochloride was becoming a popular way to deal …

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Ibogaine new york

Ibogaine New York

     Along with many other areas throughout the United States, the opioid crisis in the state of New York continues to rise. As the synthetic opiate fentanyl continues to rise, drug overdose rates begin to skyrocket. As of last year the drug overdose rate has risen to casualties higher than it ever has been …

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Ibogaine Mexico

Ibogaine Mexico

                          Safest Ibogaine Treatment Center in Mexico       Ibogaine hydrochloride has proven to be the most efficient and successful medicine to help those with opiate addiction. The only problem is that the medicine is not legal in the United States. Fortunately for those seeking …

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