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Kratom Addiction

Kratom is a relatively new drug that is sold over the counter.   The primary source of purchase for this drug are headshops that sell smoking and marijuana accessories. The legality and cost-effectiveness of the drug make it an easy gateway towards addiction. While it has been banned in some states, it remains legal in …

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Freedom From Addiction

Addiction is certainly a form of enslavement. It can be compared to slavery for numerous reasons. The main reason is that it takes full control over your life. Being free from addiction is just like a slave is free from his master. The addict initially starts using the drug to control his emotions. This is …

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Drug Addiction and Norepinephrine

Our decisions contribute to our overall state of well being. They help us determine activities that give us true purpose as well as activities that help us comfortably relax. Norepinephrine is the neurotransmitter responsible for the brain’s centralized decision making. Norepinephrine strongly correlates to our fear resistance. It is the chemical responsible for our fight …

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Drug Addiction and Serotonin

There are various forms of happiness that contribute to a person’s overall wellbeing. It is essential for us to understand the chemicals in our minds that help us achieve these levels of emotional security to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Serotonin can be summarized as the neurotransmitter responsible for happiness associated with relaxation. To help us …

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Chemical Imbalances

There are countless factors that contribute to the way people feel. The foods we eat, the amount of sleep we acquire, and the amount of physical activity are just the basic variables involved in the chemical makeup, which contributes to the overall way we feel. If a person does too much or too little of …

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Prefrontal Cortex Treatment

Early recovery can be a difficult process for many reasons. The main difficulty at hand is the person must learn to live life without the use of drugs. This can be difficult at first, as it takes the brain a lot more energy to do the things it is used to without using drugs to …

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Impulsiveness and Drug Addiction

Aside from the drug-seeking behaviors, the individual recovering from active addiction must undergo many other dilemmas associated with the brain’s frontal lobe to restore itself. The person may engage in many reckless behaviors caused by their increased levels of impulsivity. This is caused by a weakened frontal lobe not being able to rationalize the negative …

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Drug Addiction and Dopamine

Work may not always be fun, however, the need to be at some level of happiness can be achieved by means of our productive lifestyle. This is crucial to maintain an overall happy lifestyle. This level of happiness stems from the mind’s ability to look forward to the reward that comes from the productive efforts …

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Stages of Recovery

Stages of Recovery Recovery from drugs can be broken down into various stages. It takes approximately two years for the recovery process to be finalized. During this time, a person must be actively seeking the means to provide for themselves an effective treatment. The harder the person works during this time, the more effective their …

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Methadone Withdrawal

Methadone is a purely synthetic, long-acting opiate, used to help people detox off drugs such as heroin and oxycontin. It is the longest acting opiate, producing effects, lasting up to thirty-six hours. The true nature of this dangerous drug is an even more crucial and painful physical dependence than heroin, causing so much pain that …

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