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Ibogaine Heroin

From the moment a person takes a hard drug such as cocaine or heroin, they are addicted until their threshold is reached until they are ready to say no to drugs. Until an individual reaches their threshold, their body and lifestyle are damaged considerably. Following this decision, many choose a number of options available for …

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Ibogaine Purity

It may be tempting to look for black- or gray-market Ibogaine in order to save money. But before you do that, take some time to learn about why it is important to use the purest form of Ibogaine and to understand the dangers of settling for an off-market product. Ibogaine is still considered an investigational …

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Ibogaine Arkansas

Arkansas is known for Little Rock and President Clinton. Many do not realize it is a state full of beautiful geographical features. Instead, they focus on celebrities like Johnny Cash who hailed from the state. Unfortunately, like many locations throughout the world, Arkansas is no stranger to drug addiction. For those who have a drug …

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Ibogaine Suboxone

Suboxone is a particular brand of the second-generation opioid Buprenorphine (which also includes the drug Subutex). While these drugs were originally designed to help individuals addicted to opiates by shortening and easing withdrawal, they have grown to be used as simple replacements. While a dependency on these drugs is certainly preferable to the original substance …

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Ibogaine Alcohol

Alcoholism is one of the most terrible addictions facing modern society. Alcoholism not only systematically takes apart the life of the alcoholic, but also the lives and wellbeing of all of the communities and individuals around them. Alcohol addiction is a chronic and progressive illness, that can strike anyone regardless of gender, ethnicity, or age. …

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How is it that Ibogaine is such a compelling medicine for medication – and particularly sedative – fixation? While the science itself is complex, the essential thought is basic – chemicals from sedative medications tie with specific receptors in the mind. At the point when these pills are not displayed, these receptors are void, and …

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Ibogaine Hydrochloride

Iboga, and its close companion, Ibogaine Hydrochloride, are fairly recent – and quite powerful – additions to the variety of treatments available for the treatment of addiction. Ibogaine Hydrochloride is a natural substance that allows patients to detoxify their systems from opiates and other drugs without cravings or other side effects commonly associated with withdrawal. …

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