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Ibogaine Oregon

Oregon has a rich history, a unique collection of people, and one of the most stable population growths and economies in the nation. There’s no doubt that people are attracted to the possibilities and innovation Oregon holds. Are you looking for drug addiction and alcoholism treatment in Oregon? The impact

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Ibogaine California

The state of California is not only unique in its own way but also beautiful and majestic from its Pacific coastline to the dry desert land. One way that California is similar to other states is the rate of individuals that struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. With the growing

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Ibogaine Florida

Florida, the Sunshine State is known for many things such as its beautiful weather and beaches. While many flocks to Florida for vacations and time away from inclement weather in other states, some are lucky enough to live within its borders. For some individuals though, living with alcohol or drug

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Ibogaine Arizona

Many areas around the United States are subject to substance abuse and addiction. Unfortunately, Arizona is not immune to the negative impact of drugs on their residents. While many are severely affected by their own or a loved one’s drug usage, there is hope and a solution. There are many

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Ibogaine By David Dardashti

For many individuals around the world today they are battling strong personal addictions to chemical substances. They may have tried many other ways to break free of these substances with other treatment programs, going ‘cold turkey’ or even weaning themselves down, all with no success. While it may seem that

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Ibogaine Erowid

Erowid is basically an organization that is member-supported which provides precise information about psychoactive plants such as iboga and Ibogaine, chemicals, and similar products. Unawareness about psychoactive materials leads to careless consumption or misuse as well. Erowid aims at educating the folks about psychoactive products that exist with precise information

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Ibogaine And The Treatment Of Migraines

Ibogaine is a derivative of plants and a method that is becoming more accepted for the treatment of neuropathic pain. Ibogaine treatment targets the central nervous system and could help to treat migraine pain in ways that opiate drugs cannot. Ibogaine does not cause neurotoxic effects such as those brought

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Ibogaine For The Treatment Of Bipolar Disorder

There are forms of depression that affect everyone at some point in their lives. However, for many people, depression can take a firmer hold on them. It may come in the form of: Bipolar Disorder Mood Disorders OCD PTSD, and others Seeking Help for Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder is one

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Ibogaine Treatment For Trauma And PTSD

New Insight on Ibogaine Treatment for Trauma And PTSD the power to heal Ibogaine has been used for helping those with drug addictions to quit using those drugs. It has shown promise in the treatment of other diseases, including Alzheimer’s. So it is not surprising to learn that ibogaine and PTSD disorders

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