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Ibogaine Treatment for Trauma

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a disease that can seriously cripple someone’s life. The average cost per year of someone with post-traumatic stress disorder is roughly twenty-five hundred dollars per year. With just several thousand dollars there is a one-time treatment at David Dardashti’s ibogaine treatment center that can cure this disease in as little as …

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Neuro Ibogaine

Ibogaine is miraculous in the way that it produces neuroibogaine. This is an extra helper in a person’s life that helps them further cope with any issues they have been facing. It is as if their spirit is lifted for months after the treatment. This extra spiritual entity helps a person to overcome the obstacles …

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What is Suboxone

  Suboxone is a form of buprenorphine that contains the chemical naloxone in it Naloxone is used to prevent the user from experiencing any euphoric symptoms from the opiate maintaining drug Suboxone is used to help people detox off opiates, such as oxycodone and heroin, however, once the person stops the suboxone they withdrawal from …

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Spiritual Drug Addiction

The most devastating aspect of drug addiction involves the disconnection of one’s soul. A person slowly begins to change into a completely different person, as the drug use begins to escalate. A person in active addiction in some regards is playing God, by attempting to control the way they feel. Feelings can be uncomfortable at …

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Emotional Drug Addiction

Drugs numb the pain that is for certain. People who have substance abuse problems, most likely have a lot of emotional pain, they wish to escape from. There can many factors: mental health struggles, trauma, loss of loved ones, or simply the struggle of finding one’s place in society. The drugs may stop the person …

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Mental Drug Addiction

The mind of a drug addict is speculated to be quite different than that of a normal individual. What seems to be distorted is the brain’s reward pathway, coinciding with the neurotransmitter dopamine. These mechanisms are responsible for the feelings of accomplishment a person receives from the triumphs in life. It is suggested, that drug …

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Physical Drug Addiction

Drugs consume and interfere with a person in all aspects of their lives. The dependence causes changes that other people can witness from the outside. The physical aspect of drug addiction involves a dependency, in which the individual’s natural biological needs are distorted, once the drugs are no longer consumed. There are several ways in …

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Freedom From Addiction

Addiction is certainly a form of enslavement. It can be compared to slavery for numerous reasons. The main reason is that it takes full control over your life. Being free from addiction is just like a slave is free from his master. The addict initially starts using the drug to control his emotions. This is …

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