physical trauma

Ibogaine Physical Trauma

     Physical trauma is an aggressive form of trauma that can occur from many different occurrences. Many times a person receives physical punishments from caregivers during childhood. This punishment, however, is done in a manner that far exceeds necessity. As a result the child grows up into adulthood with a great sense of confusion. …

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Complex Trauma

Ibogaine Complex Trauma

     Complex trauma can be tricky for a person to deal with. Rather than one single event or series of events, this form of trauma can involve different events from completely different situations that relate under a single underlying emotional response. For example a person may deal with sexual abuse early on in life …

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Chronic Trauma

Ibogaine Chronic Trauma

     Many times a person is not simply struggling with a single event . They often are dealing with an ongoing trauma. This involves a series of life events relating to a difficult predicament the person is placed in. For example, the person may have dealt with ongoing physical, mental, and emotional abuse over …

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Ibogaine Trauma

Ibogaine Acute Trauma

     It is hard enough dealing with a painful memory in life, however, it is even more difficult knowing that the event is still causing you pain in the present.  Acute trauma is a single event that has occurred in a person’s life causing them distress in the current moment. This can be something …

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Ibogaine Procedure

Ibogaine Procedure

  Taking every person’s individual situation is essential to provide people with the most effective ibogaine experience possible. Along with the proper dosage is a complete background check on the person’s situation. This allows the person to achieve the most effective treatment possible. Having said that, it is essential that the person feel safe and …

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ibogaine safety

Ibogaine Safety

     Although ibogaine hydrochloride has many benefits, administration of the medicine without the necessary protocol can be unsafe. The main complication involved is the risk of a person who has a heart condition. There are other factors that need to be taken into consideration. The person undergoing the treatment must be fully hydrated and …

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Ibogaine drug treatment

Ibogaine Drug Treatment

     Ibogaine was discovered as a cure for opiate addiction to eliminate all of the withdrawal symptoms. In addition the person’s brain and body have been proven to be restored. This makes the person feel as if they had never taken an opiate in their life. However it does not stop there.     …

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Ibogaine Plant

Ibogaine Plant

     The plant form of ibogaine hcl is known as the iboga root bark. The Bwiti Tribe in West Gibon have been using this for spiritual reasons for centuries. They are not a religion, but merely a culture who honors mother nature.      The primary use of the iboga plant is used when …

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How Much Ibogaine HCL to Take

How Much Ibogaine HCL to Take

     Despite the magnificent benefits of ibogaine hydrochloride, the medicine should by no circumstances ever be administered without medical supervision. Among issues related to health concerns the person will not be able to know the proper dosage. This dosage is dependent on ibogaine in its purest form. This contains the single alkaloid, which allows …

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Ibogaine Reset

Ibogaine Reset

     The human brain closely resembles a computer operating system. Sometimes it can be corrupted and simply needs a system reboot. This can take a while and it is essential that the person recover quickly to be able to perform the duties necessary to exceed in their daily lives. Ibogaine hydrochloride can be used …

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