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Breaking the Chains of Suboxone Addiction

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photo 2021 02 05 05 48 45
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At the forefront of innovative addiction treatments, the Ibogaine Centre by David Dardashti sets itself apart through a uniquely effective approach to tackling Suboxone addiction. Over the past decade, we have facilitated successful treatments for countless individuals battling Suboxone dependence, honing our methods to a precise set of formulas that enable us to address this challenge swiftly and effectively.




The Risks of Unplanned Suboxone Discontinuation

Contrary to the advice provided by some clinics, we firmly believe that transitioning Suboxone-dependent individuals to short-acting opiates like oxycodone before starting ibogaine treatment presents unnecessary risks.

These actions could potentially lead to dangerous encounters with illicit drug sources, increasing the risk of overdoses, legal troubles, or exposure to hazardous environments.

Our Stand on Continued Suboxone Use

While we don’t condone the prolonged use of Suboxone, we recognize the complexity of this addiction. We strongly advise individuals to continue their prescribed use until a safer, structured alternative can be introduced.

This approach emphasizes patient safety, stability, and well-being.

Our Commitment to Overcoming Suboxone Addiction

Our priority is to aid individuals in escaping the shackles of Suboxone addiction in the safest, most effective way possible. Our unique approach includes the careful administration of various ibogaine doses throughout their stay at our facility.

We ensure a complete recovery from Suboxone addiction, minimizing concerns about post-acute withdrawals following treatment.

Our Mission in the Face of the Opiate Epidemic

Our mission goes beyond merely treating individuals; we are committed to addressing the broader dilemmas linked to the opiate epidemic, driving the change we wish to see in the world of addiction treatment.

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