Breaking the Chains of Suboxone Addiction

Ibogaine By David Dardashti distinguishes itself from all other ibogaine treatment centers through an effective approach to Suboxone addiction.

Over the past ten years, our clinic has been successful at thousands of Suboxone treatments. Our clinic has established a constructed set of formulas that enables us to treat this addiction in a matter of days. 

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Watch Suboxone Success Stories 2013-2015

Other clinics suggest that people who are on Suboxone maintenance programs must first switch to a short-acting opiate, such as oxycodone before coming for ibogaine treatment. This can be dangerous, as the patient may seek out drugs on the street. The consequences can be catastrophic. In the process of doing so, the person can overdose, end up in jail, or in high-risk situations. Although our clinic does not endorse the continued use of Suboxone, we strongly suggest that people who are hooked on this dangerous drug, continue to take it. At the very least they obtain it from a doctor through a safer alternative. 

We make it our top priority to help people break the chains of Suboxone addiction in the most comfortable and effective way possible. We do so by distributing a wide variety of ibogaine doses over the course of the days during their stay at our facility. In doing so, we help them fully recover from Suboxone addiction without having to worry about any post-acute withdrawals after treatment. It is our mission to help with all dilemmas associated with the opiate epidemic. 




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