Is it Safe to Buy Ibogaine?

Ibogaine powder

It’s a question we’ve received on numerous phone calls and web chats: ‘can I buy ibogaine from your facility?’ We decided to clear things up in a short article about not only why we strongly recommend people don’t buy it (to be clear, no, we do not sell ibogaine), but also why the idea of […]

3 Things to Look for When Considering an Ibogaine Treatment Center (2022)

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In 2022, as a society, we’re becoming more aware than ever about the benefits of ibogaine, when it comes to helping people jumpstart the process of healing from addiction or trauma. This means more people are looking closely at which ibogaine treatment center might be right for them. We also understand that for many, traveling […]

Is ibogaine too good to be true?

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At Ibogaine Clinic, we’ve helped change the course of thousands of clients’ lives. Clients struggling from anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, depression have found themselves with a new lease on lives, invigorated and on the path toward true freedom from their past burdens. After over 10 years helping our guests heal, it’s natural people question if […]

Ibogaine Mexico

Ibogaine Mexico

                          Safest Ibogaine Treatment Center in Mexico       Ibogaine hydrochloride has proven to be the most efficient and successful medicine to help those with opiate addiction. The only problem is that the medicine is not legal in the United States. Fortunately for those seeking […]

Ibogaine Treatment for Emotional Trauma

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     Some forms of trauma do not require any concrete harm done to the person. The trauma may in fact have to do with tragedies occurring to others the person is associated with. For example, a person may experience the death of a loved one and not be able to effectively cope with the […]

Ibogaine Drug Treatment

Ibogaine drug treatment

     Ibogaine was discovered as a cure for opiate addiction to eliminate all of the withdrawal symptoms. In addition the person’s brain and body have been proven to be restored. This makes the person feel as if they had never taken an opiate in their life. However it does not stop there.     […]

Ibogaine Treatment Outcomes

Ibogaine Treatment Outcomes

     The outcomes witnessed by those experiencing ibogaine treatment and those watching the person receiving treatment, far exceeds any other method of treatment for opiate addiction. Watching the healing process is similar to watching a newborn baby come to life. In just a matter of days the person recovers from opiate addiction in a […]

Ibogaine Treatment in Mexico

Ibogaine Treatment in Mexico

     Ibogaine By David Dardashti offers help in a safe gated community near the beaches of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. This area is one of the safest and beautiful areas in the country. Our Clinic provides all travel needs of the patient to ensure our guests arrive safely at our facility.      Choosing […]

Ibogaine Chemical Structure

Ibogaine Chemical Structure

The chemical structure of ibogaine HCL is quite fascinating. The pure ibogaine hydrochloride is water-soluble making it easy for the body to metabolize and process. This single alkaloid is far easier on the body than the plant-based iboga root bark. Iboga in its solid form takes longer for the body to metabolize.  In comparison to […]

Ibogaine Dose


Ibogaine By David Dardashti distinguishes itself from other treatment clinics. Presenting an alternative approach to the amount of ibogaine administered is important. Other methods of administration of the Ibogaine Dose involve measuring a person’s weight. This procedure is measured based on a kilogram to milligram basis.  The most effective ibogaine treatment involves dozens of protocols. […]