Ibogaine Chemical Structure

Ibogaine Chemical Structure

The chemical structure of ibogaine HCL is quite fascinating. The pure ibogaine hydrochloride is water-soluble making it easy for the body to metabolize and process. This single alkaloid is far easier on the body than the plant-based iboga root bark. Iboga in its solid form takes longer for the body to metabolize.  In comparison to …

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Ibogaine Dose

Ibogaine By David Dardashti distinguishes itself from other treatment clinics. Presenting an alternative approach to the amount of ibogaine administered is important. Other methods of administration of the Ibogaine Dose involve measuring a person’s weight. This procedure is measured based on a kilogram to milligram basis.  The most effective ibogaine treatment involves dozens of protocols. …

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The Mystery of Noribogaine

Many people have heard thousands of stories about the extraordinary benefits of ibogaine, however, that is something just as amazing if not better. After treatment with Ibogaine hydrochloride is administered a psychoactive substance known as neuro ibogaine takes over. Luckily this metabolite stays in a person’s body for several months, offering them many people benefits …

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Discount Ibogaine Treatment

       Discount Ibogaine Treatment     The cost of Ibogaine treatment can be quite expensive, there is no denying that. Unfortunately, the legal issues around ibogaine hydrochloride make it difficult for Ibogaine By David Dardashti to cater to everyone’s needs. Although we are a business and are responsible to pay our dues, we …

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