Is it Safe to Buy Ibogaine?

Ibogaine powder

It’s a question we’ve received on numerous phone calls and web chats: ‘can I buy ibogaine from your facility?’ We decided to clear things up in a short article about not only why we strongly recommend people don’t buy it (to be clear, no, we do not sell ibogaine), but also why the idea of […]

Is Ibogaine A Drug?

Ibogaine Drug

Is Ibogaine a drug? Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance derived from the roots of the African rainforest shrub Tabernanthe iboga. It is traditionally used in low doses by indigenous peoples of Western Africa to combat fatigue, hunger, and thirst, and in higher doses as a sacrament in spiritual initiation ceremonies.  Subsequent studies have shown that […]

What Is Ibogaine Treatment

What is ibogaine treatment

Is Ibogaine treatment simply an alternative detox? In the early 1960s, ibogaine gained popularity through its ability to eliminate withdrawals and cravings of opiates and other addictive substances. Under FDA regulation, this had been its primary purpose. Over years of ibogaine treatments, it has been apparent that ibogaine helps with other issues as well. Do […]

What is Ibogaine Hyrochloride

What is Ibogaine Hyrochloride

What is Ibogaine Hydrochloride? The only essential alkaloid extracted from the iboga root bark.  What is the difference between ibogaine hydrochloride and iboga root bark? Ibogaine is distributed in two forms.  The purified powder form, known as Ibogaine Hydrochloride and the naturally grown Iboga root bark, contains many different alkaloids that can cause unpleasant feelings […]

How Does Ibogaine Work

How Does Ibogaine Work

How Does Ibogaine Affect the Brain? Ibogaine has strong mechanisms of action of various regions of the brain, resetting these regions to a pre-addictive state is the best explanation of how ibogaine works.  Having said that, there have been plenty of studies done on ibogaine. The effects of pure ibogaine hydrochloride have only demonstrated positive […]

What Ibogaine Treatment is Like

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Wondering what it’s like to get Ibogaine Treatment? Here is Peter’s story. A look inside Peter’s ibogaine treatment and what he is experiencing during the treatment. Peter talks about living his life with no chemicals. He wants nothing more than to live chemical-free. Listen as David coaches Peter before administering ibogaine and then further, as […]