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Chemical Imbalances

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There are countless factors that contribute to the way people feel.

david ibogaine 15

The foods we eat, the amount of sleep we acquire, and the amount of physical activity are just the basic variables involved in the chemical makeup, which contributes to the overall way we feel. If a person does too much or too little of these things the brain may produce too few or too many chemicals, causing the individual great deals of distress. These are all surface-level factors involving are basic animalistic instincts. Additional conditions involve a person’s higher level of conscience, which can be much more difficult to pinpoint.

Individuals who seek out a deeper meaning in life, many times must consider additional factors to obtain healthy chemical makeup. The way people feel about their objectives in life can influence the neurological processes in the brain. They must seek out meaning in and find true purpose in their daily life to truly be happy, while consistently seeking out productive ways to relax. Balance is the key variable in healthy chemical makeup, leading a person into true happiness.

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