What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Stress builds up and eventually corrupts the cells they pass on the injury to other cells. No virus is there, however he feels all the same symptoms. Nothing is functioning correctly. Like many other things CFS has to do with central nervous system. Stress causes depression, which cause anxiety, and eventually sugar problems lead to a total breakdown of the body. When a doctor checks the patient nothing seems out of place. The throat is fine, no fever, event the blood test confirms nothing is wrong. Doctors cannot see the slight damage to the cells that continue to cause many problems. He feels weaker and sicker every day that passes by. Only until just recently the patient was told it is all in the head. But since the upper class has started to suffer from the same symptoms, doctors nowadays recognize there must be a real problem. Many studies show the problems stems for dramatic increase in stress from our generation plus antibiotics are known to increase the chance of problems. Even causing candida, and eventually leaky gut. Which means the valuable nutrients sneaks out holes in your stomach decreasing the materials available. This degeneration can lead to malnutrition and break down of the immune system. Obviously this only gets worse the longer you live with it.

Why Ibogaine for CFS?

Ibogaine resets your neurotransmitters to rest the vital organs in the body. That many doctors do not even know its importance. Days after the treatment you start feeling energy and health revitalized and your body starts making a significant recovery. Some individuals feel 5,10, or 20 years have been added to their well-being. It may not make you feel like you are a kid again but will make significant improvements. Ibogaine triggering your body to return to what it once functioned. Restoring your body to its more natural state. However if you continue to abuse your mind and body, you will end up with brake down of all your systems again.

What is our treatment like?

Tapered treatment taking in consideration your entire being. Over just a week or a few days an individual will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. You will also experience good food and the soothing touch of massage, acupuncture, logic based therapy and sauna rooms. One of the most beautiful oceans in the world and Vast amount of natural inhabitants. All this combined will quickly bring you back to tip top shape.

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