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Cost of Ibogaine

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In the beautiful beach resort town of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, exists  an innovative approach to treatment. Our clinic makes sure to make available the most prestigious level of care possible. 

After learning about the many benefits of an innovative ibogaine treatment option. Many people will  ask the following questi 

How much does ibogaine treatment cost?

The truth of the matter is that there is no one simple  solution. The price can vary depending on all sorts of factors. This can depend on what the person is being treated for, the severity of the situation, and most importantly the level of care a person needs. Our clinic strives to charge a price reasonable enough for guests to afford and for the facility to make a profit. 


  Ibogaine Treatment Cost

    When determining the final cost of treatment it is essential to consider all the expenses the company has.

  • The cost of ibogaine hydrochloride will increase when seeking pure ibogaine hydrochloride. 
  • The amount of stay a person needs requires more medical supervision
  • The safety of the facility increases prices due to higher property costs
  • A more efficient team with greater quality care needs to be considered as well. 

Our treatment center wishes to offer the best quality level of care at a reasonable price. The most expensive packages are pattered to those addicted to long term opiates, such as Methadones and Suboxone. Ibogaine By David Dardashti is the only treatment center that can get people off these substances. In order to do so, it requires a well calculated treatment with longer stay. More conventional ibogaine treatments for alcohol, trauma, and depression are less expensive. Our Clinic offers discounted rates for previous guests who wish to continue receiving the benefits of ibogaine. 



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