Unfamiliar things can be a person’s most suspenseful horror film.

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It is our ‘consciousness’ way of letting us know that danger may be lurking in places we are yet to discover. The more we embrace the unknown, the less fear we are left with. Our executive decision begins to strengthen as we continue to challenge ourselves with unfamiliar predicaments. It is our flight or fight responses we must modify. We must fight our fears like brave warriors instead of running away by playing the victim role.

We all want to learn how to love ourselves more, yet we are puzzled by how to do so. Courage is the true source of developing one’s inner confidence, which requires us to face our fears in action. What is it that we truly fear? Many times, our fears stem from our insecurities more than anything else. A person must learn to be real with themselves and face their shortcomings. This allows the individual to overcome their fears, developing uncharted levels of inner confidence.

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