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Ibogaine By David Dardashti Overpowers Covid 19

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The world continues to face the crisis of the Coronavirus Epidemic. These unfortunate series of events have had a negative impact on the lives of billions of people across the globe. Many businesses have reduced their quality of services and have not functioned at the capacity they originally did. Ibogaine By David Dardsahti continues to flourish despite these unfortunate predicaments.

Our Ibogaine treatment center has been fully operational and has accommodated changes to effectively deal with the struggle of the pandemic. Our staff is providing additional help and support to help those struggling with addiction continue to receive the best quality of care. We have even established the means to help people get expedited passports, so they do not have to continue struggling with opiate addiction. We provide the services they need to help them free themselves of their addiction with immediate care. 

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In doing so, our ibogaine treatment center has gone above and beyond to the point where we have an even higher occupancy than we did prior to the coronavirus epidemic. In addition to this, we provide Covid testing at our facility along with full blood work done before and after treatment. This ensures our clients are well aware of their physical health and can go home feeling secure. It is essential to have a spark of light that lifts spirits in the darkest of times. 


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