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Who Is David Dardashti? Why Has He Become a Synonym of Ibogaine?

You may have heard the name David Dardashti in spiritual circles, because he’s been a member of the Rabbinical Council of America for over 20 years. But David Dardashti these days is synonymous with ibogaine treatment programs in Mexico. For over eight years, the father of six has leveraged his spirituality to heal people from all walks of life. David Dardashti is a theologian with many years of study in Kabbalah. From 20 year-olds to 60 year-olds, from opiate addicts to Alzheimer’s sufferers, David Dardashti has touched many lives with ibogaine.

For this spiritual being, serving others is his calling. Always interested in health and wellness, with ibogaine David Dardashti is able to mix his spiritual world with the holistic medicine alternative. For the past several years, he’s put aside his BA in music to dedicate all of his efforts to make a difference for so many.

David Dardashti has been featured in various publications including SoberWorld Magazine and has even countless lectures on spirituality and ethics on live radio for over ten years. Next up is an article in Natural Awakenings Magazine praising ibogaine’s many benefits.
David Dardashti's portrait

David Dardashti, Founder of the Ibogaine Clinic

At his Ibogaine Clinic in an affluent community, just outside of Playa Del Carmen, David Dardashti has been researching the effects of ibogaine and creating over 250 ibogaine protocols to heal numerous disorders, conditions, and diseases. As Executive Program Director, he treats people with PTSD, depression, diabetes, anxiety disorders and numerous opiate addictions including prescription pills, heroin, and even alcoholism. You can watch many ibogaine video testimonials on his Youtube Channel.

Ibogaine is a natural substance found in West African plants, but at Ibogaine Clinic, the substance is purified to 99.5% HCL for pharmaceutical-grade ibogaine. It’s known to help treat addiction of all types from cocaine to alcohol and methadone. An ibogaine treatment program allows your own body to fix itself, almost like pushing the reset button on all of its pathways. Patients experience a full body makeover, where mind, body and spirit work at finding just the right balance for every unique individual. From deep healing of the subconscious, to complete introspection and understanding of oneself, ibogaine delivers on deep healing.

Sober World magazine cover from april 2016

Two phases that are common with an ibogaine treatment program, one that’s characterized by dream-like effects and can last from four to six hours. While the other is more psycho-therapeutic in nature, allowing individuals to conquer their fears and negative emotions through an altered state of consciousness so memories, life experiences and trauma can be processed.

Ibogaine addresses numerous neurological sequences that are typically involved in addiction, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. The natural substance affects the brain’s regulatory systems including dopamine, serotonin and NMDA receptor. Ibogaine also has anti-addictive properties encouraging recovery from substance abuse without withdrawal or cravings.

David Dardashti takes ibogaine outside of its traditional scope, producing evidence that ibogaine may treat Hepatitis C, Migraines, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, Parkinson’s, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes and even producing anti-aging benefits.

What’s the difference between Ibogaine Clinic and other ibogaine rehab centers?

David Dardashti treats every individual differently, where as other ibogaine treatment centers administer ibogaine with a one-size-fits-all mentality. Whether you’re a 120-pound woman addicted to heroin or a 250-pound man addicted to Suboxone, the ibogaine dose is the same. At David Dardashti’s Ibogaine Clinic, not only is sex and weight taken into consideration, but related disorders, medications and other factors come into play in order to create a unique ibogaine protocol. Factors such as anxiety, migraines, natural supplements, blood pressure and more, all become variables for the ultimate ibogaine dosage and interval sequence.

For more information about David Dardshti’s ibogaine treatment programs, call 1-888-462-1164. You can look forward to resort-like type of amenities in serene settings just outside of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Think medically-supervised treatments, meals and comfortable accommodations throughout your stay.

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