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David Dardashti is a man that has worn many hats throughout his life, from savvy entrepreneur to musician, theologian, eternal student and even Rabbi. In fact, he’s been a member of Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) for over 20 years. But aside from being a father of six, being a healer is the role that fulfills him most. Thanks to years of research and protocols, he’s been able to heal through ibogaine treatment programs in his Ibogaine Clinic in Mexico. With an innate thirst for knowledge, his life is one filled with constant education across various disciplines, from alternative medicine to spirituality and more—all fueled by a relentless passion for life and learning.

After graduating high school and spending three years in the Israeli army, David Dardashti moved to the United States where he attended Florida Atlantic University to receive a BA in Music. He then turned his talents into business to become a large commercial real estate developer in the United States. But, his love for spirituality and curiosity about life’s bigger questions couldn’t be denied, so for many years, he discussed morality, ethics and the likes through lectures on live radio.

For as long as he can remember, David Dardashti had an interest in health and wellness and thought he can make a difference by uniting spirituality with the world of science. That interest was the very beginning of the Ibogaine Clinic. Through his countless ibogaine treatment programs, he’s been able to serve others, helping them with their individual battles of drug addiction, alcoholism, depression, PTSD, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Today, David Dardashti is still the eternal student he’s always been. The father of six still continues to study the Talmud and Kabbalah— the ancient wisdom the reveals how the universe and life work. His studies include the workings of the human psyche – both conscious and subconscious – and the role it plays in substance abuse. In response to the dramatic increase (almost epidemic) in substance abuse, depression and PTSD in society, David Dardashti has been treating people through his various Ibogaine treatment programs and medical research center at the Ibogaine Clinic.


Ibogaine is a natural substance found in the Tabernanthe Iboga tree. At the Ibogaine Clinic, this substance is purified to 99.5% ibogaine hydrochloride, the pharmaceutical-graded kind. An ibogaine treatment program allows your body to completely reset itself, since it addresses multiple neurological sequences that are typically involved in addiction, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. The natural substance affects the brain’s regulatory systems including dopamine, serotonin and NMDA receptor. In the case of addicts, an ibogaine treatment allows them to recover from substance abuse without withdrawal or cravings.

What has kindled David Dardashti’s relentless passion about Ibogaine? Aside from its ultimate healing power, he appreciates the spiritual component of the Ibogaine experience. This is an experience not of distortion, but of clarity, understanding and true self-knowledge. Individuals get to tap into their subconscious, face their fears, traumas and everything else that creates an imbalance in their bodies allowing them to heal and reset.

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David Dardashti’s personal research helped him to discover the connection between addiction and the workings of the human spirit. He believes that the natural substance ibogaine possesses cleansing properties, not only on a physical level, but also on a spiritual one, allowing for an ultimate treatment.

As he likes to say: “ibogaine may help the individual bypass the physical withdrawal and cravings, and it is the cleansing of the conscious and subconscious that leads to a lasting recovery.”

Ibogaine is a unique, naturally-occurring substance that enables recovery from substance abuse without normal withdrawal or cravings. David Dardashti appreciates the spiritual component of the ibogaine experience leading to clarity, understanding, and true self-knowledge. Over the years, the Ibogaine Clinic has focused largely on addiction, depression, PTSD, as well as assisting individuals with a variety of physical and mental illnesses. All of this is made possible due to the high standards in the center, especially in trained medical staff, food, and in using the highest available grade of Ibogaine (99.5% Ibogaine HCL).

Recently, David’s ongoing research has taken a bold step outside the traditional scope of Ibogaine use, producing evidence that ibogaine may treat Hepatitis C, Migraines, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, Parkinson’s, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes and even producing anti-aging benefits.

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