We treat suboxone, subutex, and other opiates addiction immediately, without the use of short-acting opiates, and without withdrawal.

There are a variety of reasons for depression. Some people document their experiences; and, despite the differences, the commonality is it’s a terrifying place to be. It’s a place where the best things in your life seem to crumble around you and you don’t know why.

It’s not fantasy that a depressed person feels that it’s always dark or nothing can be happy. It’s what depression does to you, and much like addiction, you may be unaware of it. Often, it feels like the easier choice to wallow in it and allow it to take over you rather than to fight it. But, tempting as this option may seem, this decision will eventually be to your detriment.

Other times, you may feel like you don’t need anyone’s help to overcome the problem But, there are kinds of depression that are not that easy to overcome. Depression is like a shadow. On your brightest days, it’s still behind you. As the day goes on, it becomes more dominant until it’s just all over you.

Dealing with the Core Problem

While no one person can really get an inside look into your depression, combating it is possible. Our way, the ibogaine treatment way, is not like any other psychological fix. With us, your way back to happiness will be in a facility at which you will find peace, time, and solitude to help you put things in perspective. We will be here to guide you and accompany you on your journey.

We’re also here to monitor you while you take the ibogaine prescription. It is a potent drug, and while you’re under its effects, we will be here with you. Our patients have achieved emotional and mental clarity with our treatment, and if western medicine hasn’t had its intended effect on you so far, try our alternative way.

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