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About Me

David Dardashti is an entrepreneur, theologian, musician, Talmudic student and a father of six. His ongoing education and entrepreneurial ventures are fueled by his immense passion for life, learning and helping others.
David grew up in Israel.

After spending three years in the Israeli army, David moved to the United States. He attended Florida Atlantic University and received a BA in music. David quickly turned his talents to business, becoming a commercial real estate developer. David has always been interested in helping people. He has presented countless lectures and live radio broadcasts blending spirituality with the latest world sciences.

David continues his learning through the Talmud and Kabbalah. His studies include the workings of the human psyche – both conscious and subconscious – and the role it plays in substance abuse and illness. From physics to psychology, these ancient literatures have served as David’s guides to address treatment for each individual patient. In response to today’s dramatic increase in substance abuse, divorce, depression, and physical sickness, David launched the IBOGAINE CLINIC treatment facility and medical research center IBOGAINE BY DAVID DARDASHTI. pressure that society upon the past two generations

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