We treat suboxone, subutex, and other opiates addiction immediately, without the use of short-acting opiates, and without withdrawal.



  • Specializes in treating bipolar disorder & depression
  • Member of Mexican Psychiatric Association
  • Psychiatrist at Mexican Institute for Social Security


  • Speciality: Psychiatrist
  • Availability: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday


About Me

She specializes in Bipolar Disorder and Depression. She is a member of the Mexican Psychiatric Association, the Quintanarroense Psychiatric Association and the Medical College of Quintana Roo. She is currently employed in the Medical Base of Psychiatry at the General Hospital No. 18 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security in Playa del Carmen. Her main responsibility is the care of psychiatric patients in both outpatient and inpatient settings in the emergency department. She also collaborates with the hospital in education for undergraduate students.

  • MD Faculty of Medicine Universidad Panamericana
  • Specialized training at the National Institute of Psychiatry Ramon de la Fuente Muñiz in Mexico City.

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