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Drug Addiction and Serotonin

david ibogaine 16

There are various forms of happiness that contribute to a person’s overall wellbeing.

david ibogaine 16

It is essential for us to understand the chemicals in our minds that help us achieve these levels of emotional security to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Serotonin can be summarized as the neurotransmitter responsible for happiness associated with relaxation.

To help us achieve healthy levels of serotonin, we must eat, sleep, and exercise effectively. Of course, having too much of this neurotransmitter can be problematic as well. An individual who is lacking serotonin will most likely have difficult times with appetite and sleep patterns, while a person with high levels will likely eat and sleep in excess amounts, which can be harmful to one’s health.

Our brains produce serotonin when a person is finished accomplishing a given task and is ready to enter rest mode. An addict’s mind is corrupted by substance use and this state of mind can be difficult to achieve when there are chemicals interfering with the individual’s ability to naturally produce this state of mind. The brain’s reward system becomes overpowered by drug addiction, causing a person’s levels of serotonin to become depleted over time.



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