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Ibogaine Experience


First of all, I want to tell about my experience with drugs, just in a nutshell. So, anybody that comes down here can, may be, kind of compare with my experience, because I know, every addict – no matter what drug it is – you can hit your rock bottom and it’s going to feel like you’re worse off than anybody else in the world. I know that feeling.

I’ve been using opiates – now, I started smoking pot when I was an early teenager, but I’ve been using opiates for the last twelve years and IV heroin for the last eight years – probably about 70% of the time, and the rest the time, buprenorphine or Suboxone and Ibogaine, government poison, or heroin with glue. So, just struggling and I have gained just so much perspective and I’m healed; and not on withdraw after a day and a half.

My treatment was a day and a half ago, I’m still kind of tingly from it. That’s fading soon but there’s so much spirituality that goes into this.

It’s unbelievable! I always considered myself as a spiritual person but lot of that was my ego talking and my ego proclaiming things about myself.

You know, when you’re a junkie and you use so much, you ruin the part of your brain that explains reason and can reason with the concept of right and wrong. You’re taught that when you’re a child but it is way, way more complicated than it seems; and I learned that through my Ibogaine trip.

So, one thing I also really want to stress, for all you Suboxone users out there – I know there’s some of you that the doctors probably started UF 32 milligrams a day, something like sixteen to 280 grams strips, or maybe just a 8 milligram strip a day. You might have walked down over the last 2 to 6 years, or less; to one, two milligrams. But still, one milligram covers a good amount of your opium receptors. You know that one milligram is going to make you sick. That stuff is not designed to heal you; it’s designed to keep you sick for the rest of your life.

There’s a reason Ibogaine is illegal in America. It’s so that the drug companies can make money off of our misfortune. But fortunately, in Mexico it’s legal there and you come down to see David – he’s a rabbi. He’s probably one of the wisest men I’ve ever met in my life. He’s traveled the whole world; he knows so much about everything – about religion, about spirituality, about people, everything. You know – how the earth works!

So when you come here, you’re not just getting a treatment; you’re not just getting dosed up with some drug and going to be writhing, tripping in bed for two days. It comes with the whole therapy. It’s a home, it’s a big mansion, you know? You’re hanging out with him and his beautiful wife, and there’s the Mexican ladies that live here. They’re the maids; they’re cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for you and cleaning the rooms, sweeping the floors, chit-chatting with you in Spanish. There’s AC, I’ve got a TV in my room. I got two beds. I had a massage therapist come give me a massage today for free. There’s a spa that I’m going to go sauna tonight and sweat some more toxins out, right down the street.

Also I want to go into – just what it feels like coming from being a Suboxone user. I was really nervous that it wasn’t going to work, because like myself, you’ve probably done some research and called the other Ibogaine clinics, and some people have said, “It’s not going to work if you have a bunch of buprenorphine in your system, because it sticks to your receptor wall. You’ve got to wait three to six months. Go back to a short acting opiate, like Oxy or heroin for 3 to 6 months, and then you can and then the Ibogaine will do its job.”

That’s not true; this guy knows what he’s doing here. I got off buprenorphine two weeks ago, switched back to heroin because the Ibogaine does do its job slightly easier with a short acting opiate but you don’t need to switch back for 3 to 6 months. I’m proof and this is not a sales pitch, okay? This is huge; my life has completely changed within a day.

I’m not a scientist but it seems like the way Ibogaine works, at the base if it is, the essential oil of this plant – of this root bark from West Africa. At the microscopic crystalline structure, it’s charged. There’s a high electric charge; a radioactive charge going on there, like the neurons and atoms are going fast. Because when you take the Ibogaine, it gets in your blood stream. It feels like static electricity – a warm and not uncomfortable – static electricity, covering your body slowly. Like each neuron is getting hit by the Ibogaine and electrified; and awakened and brought back to life. And once that cell or neuron is on, the Ibogaine stays with it; then it buzzes off to the next one right next to it and electrifies that one. So you feel these pathways lighting up – static electricity pathways going all throughout your body. I’m talking about the tips your fingers, your toes, everywhere; and it’s not hallucinations. You open your eyes; you can get up and go to the bathroom. During my treatment, I was having conversations with David, and the people that have been here. But you want to lie in bed and close your eyes because you get to scan all your memories from your addiction, or your depression, or whatever ailment I have, and you get to really face them, and realize that you were –

Well, I realized that I was lying to myself like this whole time; this whole last 12 years. I thought I was – you know – so great! I proclaimed myself as a leader and a healer, you now, because I work with canapés, and grow canapés. But a lot of that was just my ego talking, and you hurt people when you use — You don’t see it, you can’t see the difference between right and wrong when you’re doing. Your family, your friends, they don’t want to see you go through it. It’s like – it’s hard for them to help you. A lot of people either back away or they try to help you and doesn’t work.

So you need to come down here, you need to get Ibogaine treatment and say sorry to yourself. It’s not about feeling sorry and going to someone else and saying sorry to them. Yes, make amends; but you need to admit it to yourself and say sorry for what you have been doing to yourself and that’s what Ibogaine taught me.

And everybody – your visions will be different when your eyes are closed. It’s not a full-color trip like a DMT trip. it’s not like Alistair mushrooms, where you see hallucinations like reality is distorted. It is your memories and you see past lives – I’m pretty sure their past lives. It’s like the feeling in your heart, you know like, “This is a past life!” And it’s not in full color’ it’s kind of like, black and white and grainy. You’ve got to close your eyes, but you see people morphing into people, people walking around. I saw an old log cabin where I think the Scandinavian side of my family used to live with a huddle of people praying together, you know, in this big huge lock. Everybody share the space together. I saw my dad is as a youth. I saw what would have been me in some tribal community that could have been from thousands of years ago – a beautiful travel community with all natural building in the middle the jungle; some festival going on.

So that’s the second part of the trip you get to. I think its memories that your soul and your spirit retains from a past life. They may sound kind of far-fetched to anybody that doesn’t have much of a grasp of spirituality and you might not get that out of it, but I pretty much 100% guarantee that you’re going to; and you’re going to feel amazing – and David’s amazing and yeah, the beaches happen a jump away.

So I’m living proof and this is not a sales pitch. Anybody can call me at any time if you want to talk to me because I went through a whole four-months of calling all these clinics and being skeptical. It took me years to get to the point where I had enough money. I had to save the money and really, when you think about it – where there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s worth it; it’s worth it to save your life. So, blessings

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