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Emotional Drug Addiction

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Drugs numb the pain that is for certain.

david ibogaine 2

People who have substance abuse problems, most likely have a lot of emotional pain, they wish to escape from. There can many factors: mental health struggles, trauma, loss of loved ones, or simply the struggle of finding one’s place in society. The drugs may stop the person from feeling the pain in the short term, however in the long run they make the pain even greater.

The drugs lose the effects and the addict needs to take larger quantities to achieve the same results. Once the person attempts to stop, the pain is even greater, since it is combined with the uncomfortable feelings associated with drug dependency. In addition to this, the person has most likely caused a lot of chaos in active addiction that they must deal with as well. What must be taken into consideration is the fact that drugs, cause more negative emotions to be developed down the road.

While the drugs numb negative emotions, they also numb positive emotions. A person in active addiction may not feel the pain associated with the negative turmoil in life, but they are also numb to the beauty in life as well. This can be difficult to grasp since someone in active addiction is likely to experience more negative emotions than positive emotions. Only through recovery can this be resolved.

Initially, coming off drugs usually involves a series of life events that will likely bring a person down, thus the person will begin experiencing negative emotions unlike ever before since they are no longer numb. If they are to overcome these triumphs, they will likely encounter a series of life events that will help them establish positive feelings, even more, euphoric than the distorted feelings given by the drugs. Emotions can be tough at times, but they also are what give the true beauty in life.

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