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Nestled along the pristine coastline of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, lies our Ibogaine Clinic, a sanctuary of transformative healing that radiates a welcoming aura of kinship and understanding. 

Our facility is designed with one thing in mind – your journey towards wellness and recovery. It is a judgment-free haven where you not only arrive as a guest but leave as a cherished part of our community, our family.

In the safe confines of a double-gated community, our facility stands as an epitome of comfort and convenience.  A stone’s throw away are shopping malls, bird sanctuaries, luxury hotels, resorts, a movie theater, and even a health and fitness center. 

We ensure that all your needs for a serene and enjoyable stay are just a heartbeat away. At the helm of our facility is David Dardashti, ably supported by a dedicated team of medical professionals.

With round-the-clock nursing staff and 24/7 security, we prioritize both your medical and physical safety, allowing you to focus solely on your recovery.

The Essence of Our Ibogaine Clinic

Our Clinic Our clinic is imbued with an atmosphere of relaxation and camaraderie. Unwind in our spacious living room with board games, books, and musical instruments.


David, a musician himself, cherishes the melodies created by our guests. Our commitment to privacy and tranquility extends to our accommodation.


Each patient is afforded a private room featuring a Posturepedic bed for supreme comfort. The carefully crafted brickwork and ambient lighting complement the calming atmosphere for your reflective moments post-treatment.


Opt for a room with a private patio for a more intimate connection with nature. Relish in our host of amenities, including:

  • Individually controlled air conditioning
  • Flat-screen television
  • Walk-in closets
  • Queen-sized beds Private bathroom

The Splendor Outside Our Facility

Outside our clinic, a picturesque landscape awaits you. Experience the exotic allure of local birdlife and nearby Mayan Ruins.

Engage in a game of tennis, take a refreshing dip in the pool, or catch a movie at the nearby theater, all within the secured confines of the resort community. 

We aspire to create an environment where you can escape the stressors of your life, surrounded by comfort and joy at every tun.

The All-Inclusive Ibogaine Treatment Experience

Our aim is to eliminate any financial anxiety that may accompany traditional treatment programs. Our all-inclusive package covers your treatment, facility amenities, and essentials for a comfortable stay. 


From discussing your unique treatment needs to booking your flight to Cancun and escorting you to our clinic, our intake staff is committed to ensuring a seamless process. 


As you step into our clinic, the journey to healing begins, guided by thorough assessments and personalized treatment plans.

Customized Amenities: Tailored for Your Needs

In addition to standard amenities, our clinic caters to your unique requirements. Be it specific medications, psychological interventions, or dietary and fitness needs, our services are tailored for your wellbeing.


Take advantage of our additional features:


  • In-house meals, including Vegan and Gluten-Free options, prepared by a multi-star chef

  • Essential medications as prescribed

  • Counseling for psychological healing

  • 24/7 nursing assessment for safety and comfort

  • Fitness programs, massage therapy, and meditation

Get Started on Your Healing Journey

David Dardashti and our staff at the Ibogaine Clinic strive to make your journey as enlightening and comforting as possible. 


If you have questions about treatment, costs, or accommodations, please feel free to contact us


They will help alleviate your concerns and provide clarity on your path to recovery. We look forward to assisting you on your healing journey.


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