Fear is Unchallenged Energies

Fear is Unchanneled Energies

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Uncertainty can be a man’s greatest downfall. Sometimes it is essential to make impulsive decisions to get in the habit of doing things in the current moment rather than waiting for a calling of some sort. Many times, we are fueled with energy and motivation, which can be used to further develop our passions. The only problem is that we are unsure of what to do with that energy.

Having too many unchanneled energies can be dangerous, as it can cause a person to engage in reckless behaviors, due to their impulsive decision making. Other times a person ends up wasting all this energy by overworking their executive decision making instead of simply making decisions to work with. We must begin to develop faith in ourselves if we are to truly engage in new activities that escalate our passions. On the surface, it may be a blessing to have our basic needs met.

This can also however be a curse since our natural fears associated with our survival instincts become replaced by anxiety associated with higher levels of consciousness.


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