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How Ibogaine Treats Opiate Addiction

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How is it that Ibogaine is such an effective treatment for drug – and especially opiate – addiction?

While the science itself is intricate, the basic idea is simple – chemicals from opiate drugs bind with certain receptors in the brain. When these drugs are not present, these receptors are empty, and empty receptors cause the cravings that many recovering addicts experience.

However, Ibogaine binds to these same receptors. Thus, a single administration of Ibogaine (sometimes followed by a few smaller administrations, in the case of particularly nasty addictions) can reduce the “cold turkey” withdrawal symptoms by 80-90%, on average. Ibogaine itself is not addictive, and – once it has been ingested – is metabolized by the liver into its active metabolite noribogaine, which stays in the body for several weeks or months after a single dose. Noribogaine helps to prevent post-treatment withdrawal symptoms, and may also act as an anti-depressant.

Physical symptoms after detoxification with ibogaine may include muscle aches, fatigue, or reduced need for sleep, any of which can last for several weeks.

Ibogaine For Opiate Addiction The Path to True Recovery

Ibogaine treatment is effective when used to initially detoxify an addict; long-term abstinence varies and is related to the type of aftercare that the patient adheres to, as well as to the patient’s readiness to become, and to remain, clean and sober. This is why the emotional and spiritual elements of the Ibogaine by David Dardashti program are so important.

We are committed to seeing each of our guests eliminate the factors that caused them to turn to drugs in the first place, and we pride ourselves on educating and training each guest to effectively manage the internal resistance and combat the external forces that first led to the abuse. The goal is to allow our guests to live a happy, healthy, and whole life, without fear of relapse.

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