No one wants to develop an addiction. Unfortunately, millions of people in the world are caught in its trap.

Addiction is considered a disease and it can lead to some illnesses. It can be tough to break it but it can be done.

There are so many treatment options available, from medicines to therapy sessions. If you’ve been through them but nothing worked, then you might want to consider iboga and ibogaine.

What is it?

It’s not a new option for addiction treatment. In fact, it has been around for years.

One of the reasons patients are opting for it is that the treatment doesn’t just mask the symptoms. Rather, it goes deeper and treats the root cause of their addiction.

Ibogaine tabernanthe iboga has been discovered by experts as an effective alternative treatment for any type of addictions. It doesn’t only diminish the withdrawal symptoms but it can also block pathways that can trigger addiction.

Doses of iboga will depend on the severity of your condition. The doctors and therapists who’ll oversee your treatment will determine how much you’ll be taking for a full recovery.

Is there a special diet for it?

There’s no special diet that you have to go through before submitting yourself to this form of treatment.

However, it’s ideal that you stay hydrated. But, as much as possible, you must not be drinking alcohol days before the treatment starts.

Most of all, you must set your mind about your intention to be healed and be detached from your dependence permanently.


The popularity of iboga and ibogaine in the west is caused by patients’ decision to take the traditional rehab route in treating their addiction. Plus, there are only a few clinics that offer this option.


When opting for iboga and ibogaine as treatment for your addiction, you’ll be staying in the clinic for a few days, depending on your recovery.

The iboga clinic offers a calm place for you to have “me” time so you’ll have the opportunity to listen to your soul.

The therapists who’ll assist you can help you unplug from your busy life so you can enjoy your down time and absorb the benefits of iboga and ibogaine.

This form of treatment will detoxify your body and soul to help you stay positive throughout the course of your recovery process.

During your therapy, you may experience “ups” and “downs.” But they’re normal as your body is just starting to de-program and re-program.

So, just go with the flow. What you’re going to feel on day 1 will be a lot different on day 3 or 4.

When you submit to iboga treatment, it’s important not to create expectations. You just have to let the spirit of iboga heal you when your mind is calm and open.

The therapists will be with you the whole time to guide you throughout the healing process.

To know more about iboga and ibogaine, please contact us through phone at 1-800-818-4511 . Our Iboga professionals will be happy to answer all your questions regarding this treatment option.

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