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Ibogaine Acute Trauma

Ibogaine Trauma

     It is hard enough dealing with a painful memory in life, however, it is even more difficult knowing that the event is still causing you pain in the present.  Acute trauma is a single event that has occurred in a person’s life causing them distress in the current moment. This can be something as frightening as witnessing the death of a loved one. A person can still suffer from this tragedy years after the event.

     Sometimes something is so tragic that the level of emotional response is too much for a person to process in that given moment. The mind and body go into a state of shock and the pain associated from the trauma is stored in a different part of the brain. The person may not even realise the severity of the situation, leaving them feeling puzzled. Puzzled by the fact that something is causing them emotional pain such as anxiety and depression and having no idea what is causing them to feel that way. 

     A person suffering from acute trauma may have difficulties dealing with their daily lives. They may have trouble falling and staying asleep at night, experience flashbacks, and suffer from great emotional turmoil. It is the person’s responsibility to single out any event that may be causing them to suffer in the given moment. Complete awareness of oneself is essential to help them cope with any past transgressions. The therapeutic response can be dealt with far easier than one may anticipate. 

      Ibogaine By David Dardashti has helped many people struggling with acute trauma. The Ibogaine experience helps a person access their subconscious, allowing them to effectively process events in the past. They become aware of their most frightening event in their life and deal with it in a manner they thought was not possible.


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