Ibogaine By Bwiti Tribe

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Abstract: The Bwiti tradition helps a person gain early revelations using ibogaine. A person gains greater knowledge of the spirit world and begins to understand thoughts and emotions more thoroughly. The Bwiti tribe uses Ibogaine in small doses for therapeutic effects and high doses for the initiation. Ibogaine is used by the tribe for physical benefits, personal issues, and overcoming trauma.

Erick Erickson describes life in terms of a series of stages that people go through. Starting through infancy dealing with trust and mistrust. Into adulthood, the person begins to deal with intimacy and isolation. Towards the end of one’s life, a person begins to deal with integrity versus despair. A person begins to unravel their previous triumphs and transgressions in life and determines whether their life held meaning or not. A person does not need to wait until old age to deal with this. Many cultures in fact suggest that this is something that should be dealt with as early as possible. Among these cultures is a tribe located in Gabon, West Africa. The Bwiti tribe has shown promises of hope in their spiritual ceremonies. They use ibogaine to initiate life revelations significantly earlier than they originally would be, amongst members of the African tribe.

It has been suggested that someone who enters the initiation becomes a person with knowledge of the other world, having this revealed to them with their own eyes (NY times). The physical pleasure of this world can be quite deceiving. People seeking out money, property, and prestige are often left with despair later in their life. Having knowledge of one’s subconscious gives them insight into pleasure far greater than one can possibly imagine. The Bwiti tribe understands these principles. With the aid of mother earth, they help a person gain perception that allows them to live a more fulfilling life without the materialistic pleasures of the superficial world. It has been revealed that the Bwiti tribe view Ibogaine as a superior spiritual entity (NY times).

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The Bwiti tribe has been compared to Buddhism (NY times). Like Buddhism, their traditions are merely a way of life and not a religion. They believe anyone can take part in their traditions regardless of their spiritual background. They also believe people can simply pick and choose which traditions they wish to take part in. It’s a spiritual practice that these natives are engaged with and religion is not discriminated against. The Bwiti traditions follow an indirect set of instructions and simply offer suggestions (NY times). This means that they do not give orders to dictate how people should live their life. They simply allow people to make their own choices and help guide them into a happier more fulfilling life.

The Bwiti tribe has different forms of medicinal ibogaine. In low doses, it is used as a stimulant (Drugs and Shamanism). This is used in everyday life settings to help enhance people’s performance. In high doses, however, it is used for initiation purposes (Drugs and Shamanism). The psychoactive effects of ibogaine are not something many people can understand, and it is suggested that they use this medicine under the guidance of those who have experience with it. Ibogaine can have tremendous benefits given the right settings and supervision.

By dissociating through the materialistic benefits from the spirit world, the Bwiti have established many therapeutic benefits from the use of ibogaine. This includes wisdom, teaching, medicine, healing methods, understanding of music theory, and many more (https://ibogausa.org/bwiti-tradition/). The ibogaine connects a person to a higher level of consciousness. In doing so, the person gains an understanding of individual emotions and what they represent. It is as if the person can begin to articulate their emotions and express them in forms of art.

There are various reasons that the Bwiti tribe has for this powerful initiation process that people undergo such as helping people overcome personal issues, healing the body, and facing demons from the past from previous traumas (https://www.ibogainealliance.org/iboga/bwiti/). The ibogaine speeds up the natural process of the central nervous system helping the body repair itself to normal. It helps a person develop a stronger sense of self-actualization through an introspective experience. Most importantly, it awakens the subconscious. This brings the person in touch with feelings associated with memories relating to traumatic events in their life. In doing so, the person may revisit the events and help themselves heal in ways they could not in the past.

The Bwiti tribe has discovered something so fascinating that many people have challenged the effectiveness of Wester Civilizations. In addition to knowing about this incredible medicine, they have vast knowledge on how to administer it in a safe and effective fashion. Bwiti traditions help unravel many of life mysteries in a far shorter amount of time than most people are generally able to accomplish. It is fascinating to learn about the hidden talents of ancient cultures.




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