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Ibogaine Chemical Structure

Ibogaine Chemical Structure

     The chemical structure of ibogaine hcl is quite fascinating. The pure ibogaine hydrochloride is water soluble making it easy for the body to metabolize and process. This single alkaloid is far easier on the body than the plant based iboga root bark. Iboga in its solid form takes longer for the body to metabolize.

     In comparison to opiates such as heroin and oxycodone the elements contained within the iboga compound are the same. The number of elements also share a striking resemblance. The amount of oxygen contained with the ibogaine compound is, however, far less than the opioids. 

     These comparisons may help explain why ibogaine hydrochloride is so effective. If something contains a similar chemical structure to something else a polarised bond can occur. In this case, the medicine removes the opiates from the receptors. It does so in a way that is convenient for the brain and body to handle, thus avoiding the pain of withdrawals and cravings. 

     Ibogaine hcl contains only a single alkaloid. This makes the process far more effective than using the conventional iboga root bark. Our clinic works hard to get the pure alkaloid, avoiding any unwanted side effects. In addition the patient experiences a far more comforting experience. 


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