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Ibogaine Chronic Trauma

Chronic Trauma

     Many times a person is not simply struggling with a single event . They often are dealing with an ongoing trauma. This involves a series of life events relating to a difficult predicament the person is placed in. For example, the person may have dealt with ongoing physical, mental, and emotional abuse over a given period of time. This is referred to as chronic trauma

     Since the person experiences so much pain over this given period, they may have a delayed reaction to this form of trauma and experience symptoms years after the series of events. This can make it difficult for the person to grasp the significance of these events. This form of trauma has the person dealing with similar symptoms to acute trauma, however, they experience these symptoms too far greater extremes. 

     Dealing with this trauma can be more difficult, since the event has happened over a period of time, rather than one single instance. It requires a great sense of mindfulness for the person to collect the most significant moments during this time that have caused them to experience present day emotional pain. In doing so the person can elaborate on the situation and grasp their frame of mind for their present day life. In doing so they can prevent the past from dictating their future life. 

     Ibogaine By David Dardashti has helped many people struggling with chronic trauma. The Ibogaine experience helps a person access their subconscious, allowing them to effectively process events in the past. They become aware of their most frightening events in their life and deal with it in a manner they thought was not possible.


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