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Because of its effects on the brain and body, cocaine is one of the most destructive drugs on the market.

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It is easy to get addicted to and extremely hard to detox from. This is where Ibogaine treatment can be an invaluable tool.

An Ibogaine detox treatment, when paired with supportive therapy and a serious desire to become clean, can be the turning point. Our medical professionals understand cocaine addiction and its effects on both the mind and the body.  A visit to an Ibogaine clinic is used to treat both the physical and the psychological addiction caused by the constant use of cocaine.

The Ibogaine-based therapies that we use provide the quickest, most comprehensive, and most complete cocaine detox protocol available. Each treatment is monitored by medical professionals, and each protocol is customized to the needs of the individual patient. Before treatment can begin, each guest must pass an assessment designed to determine his or her physical and mental state. Once this is complete, the guest is assigned a medical professional to monitor the treatment and provide support afterward.

Physical Addiction

Prolonged use of stimulants, including cocaine, is extremely harmful to the body.  It trains the brain’s pleasure centers to only desire the ‘high’ that cocaine can provide, and makes the brain and body both crave the drug. Our current theory is that this works by damaging or disorganizing the dopamine uptake pathways in the brain.  Our Ibogaine therapy works by repairing this damage and enabling the brain to work normally once again.

The Psychological Addiction

Once the brain has been repaired, our guests are able to see their addiction, for the first time, in a truly objective manner. Once the physical addiction has been handled, patients need to spend some time in introspection.  This enables them to understand what caused this destructive behavior in the first place and gives them the tools to work through it.

By far the most difficult and challenging part of detoxification is getting rid of the psychological need for cocaine.  After the physical detox is complete, patients are both invited and encouraged to work with our professional counselors.  All of our team members have years of experience working with individuals who have been victims of cocaine addition.

Getting clean isn’t easy, and we’re well aware of the issues and problems that former addicts will face once they return to their lives. While this is ultimately a challenge they must face, what we can do to help is to give them the tools that they need to rebuild their lives, brick by brick, without the chains of cocaine addiction holding them back.



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