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A wonderful state to live in with plenty of mountains, lakes, and outdoor wonders, Colorado also has some troubles with drugs. While many communities are still honest and warm, a true mountain feels a lot of drugs have moved in and recent legal changes have made it worse. Creativity, active lifestyles, and clean living are for a select few. If you want to stop hurting yourself with drugs then now is the time to combat it by finding out about Ibogaine therapy. It is a therapy treatment designed by David Dardashti. He offers Ibogaine treatment centers where anyone can go to become detoxified and rehabilitated for their drug or alcohol addictions. The company has professionals on call 24/7 to ensure you get the help you need right now. All you need to do is call the following number 1-888-462-1164.

Colorado has a particularly high usage for those who are 18 and older. While some eventually clean up and grow out of its college-age up to 40 can still be some of the heaviest of users.

What you should know

Colorado continues to be plagued with gangs who make drugs readily available from Mexico. There has also been a rise in DUIs since 2007. According to the prison system, 80% of inmates have addiction problems to one substance or another. Asian groups with ties to Canada have influenced Colorado’s drug trade along with a few gangs operating out of Texas and California with Mexico for their outside US source.

Percentage of Colorado population using/abusing drugs

AGE1 18+
Past Month Illicit Drug Use2 10.89
Past Year Marijuana Use 12.63
Past Month Marijuana Use 8.25
Past Month Use of Illicit Drugs Other Than Marijuana2 4.44
Past Year Cocaine Use 3.27
Past Year Nonmedical Pain Reliever Use 5.29
Perception of Great Risk of Smoking Marijuana Once a Month3 28.48
Past Month Alcohol Use 64.42
Past Month Binge Alcohol Use4 27.76
Perception of Great Risk of Drinking Five or More Drinks Once or Twice a Week3 37.89
Illicit Drug Dependence2 2.05
Illicit Drug Dependence or Abuse2 3.01
Alcohol Dependence 4.01
Alcohol Dependence or Abuse 9.88
Alcohol or Illicit Drug Dependence or Abuse2 11.63
Needing But Not Receiving Treatment for Illicit Drug Use2,6 2.72
Needing But Not Receiving Treatment for Alcohol Use6 9.53
Serious psychological distress 11.21
Having at least one major depressive episode7 7.42

Compared to other states

According to the SAMHSA and National Survey on Drugs conducted in 2008-2009 illicit drugs, marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol are all high for 18 and older. Pharmaceuticals is not as high against the average, but high enough to be extremely worrying to those who wish to save family members from any drug abuse.

It is important to seek drug treatment like Ibogaine treatment for individuals who are unable to help themselves or anyone who is finally ready to give it up. Things have become more complicated recently with marijuana. Colorado is one state that has decided to legalize its use for all meaning as long as one goes to a proper legal shop they can buy marijuana. As the most widely abused drug many are still getting their fix from Mexico or BC smugglers.

Alcohol is the lesser threat out of all the drugs available in Colorado through gangs and legalization. Yet, it is still a worrying issue with a number of DUI deaths each year.

Heroin has started to increase from Mexico. A particular strain called black tar is widely distributed in metropolitan areas. Brown heroin is another, but less used.

Meth has increased in recent years with meth labs found locally. While these labs are targeted police are having trouble with Mexican distribution networks. Like meth, Cocaine is an issue. A lot of street-level amounts are prolific in the metro areas from Mexican rings.

Club drugs are used, but less commonly. They are found through foreign and domestic supplies offering ketamine, LSD, GHB, and Ecstasy. A definite threat like club drugs are pharmaceuticals offered online and through doctor shopping.


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