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Delaware has the distinction of becoming the first state of the USA.

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It is often a state that is seen as unfaltering, firm, and stern in focus even from the beginning. It is also important for families by providing top education and a sense of community. For those who suffer from alcohol or drug dependency, it can hurt the community as much as the person. It can take many people to help out the person, which is why David Dardashti’s Ibogaine therapy is a solution. This Ibogaine treatment option ensures all who take part not only get through their addiction but are able to stay rehabilitated. Ibogaine provides the proper atmosphere to overcome one’s substance abuse problems whether they have family support or use community support within the center. It is possible to speak with protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week in order to get the help one needs.

With current data showing 18 to 25-year-olds suffering the most from drug and alcohol abuse, now is the time to seek help and rehabilitation in Delaware.

 What you should know

Delaware is ideal as part of the drug trafficking trade with its proximity to Philadelphia, Newark, and New York. Major organizations use these cities to distribute their goods further into Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. Starting at age 18 the usage is high to moderate for illicit drugs, marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, and pharmaceuticals according to the National Survey on Drug Use and SAMHSA.

Percentage of Delaware population using/abusing drugs

AGE1 18+
Past Month Illicit Drug Use2 8.41
Past Year Marijuana Use 11.00
Past Month Marijuana Use 6.19
Past Month Use of Illicit Drugs Other Than Marijuana2 3.71
Past Year Cocaine Use 2.63
Past Year Nonmedical Pain Reliever Use 4.58
Perception of Great Risk of Smoking Marijuana Once a Month3 38.25
Past Month Alcohol Use 58.33
Past Month Binge Alcohol Use4 24.80
Perception of Great Risk of Drinking Five or More Drinks Once or Twice a Week3 40.59
Illicit Drug Dependence2 2.07
Illicit Drug Dependence or Abuse2 3.02
Alcohol Dependence 3.29
Alcohol Dependence or Abuse 6.94
Alcohol or Illicit Drug Dependence or Abuse2 8.78
Needing But Not Receiving Treatment for Illicit Drug Use2,6 2.78
Needing But Not Receiving Treatment for Alcohol Use6 6.58
Serious psychological distress 10.48
Having at least one major depressive episode7 6.98

Specifically for the 2006-2007 data, there are clear indications that marijuana is easily accessible particularly since medicinal marijuana is legal. Many adult users exist often using at rock concerts and other social gatherings. Marijuana is often smoked with heroin, crack cocaine, and PCP. The police show the drugs moving through the southwest border areas like Texas, California, and Arizona by way of Mexico. Tractor-trailers are the typical means of these drugs entering the US and Delaware, but buses, trains, aircraft, and shipping are also culprits. Delaware has a smaller locally grown situation for marijuana. Heroin is mostly brought in through the New England chains in large quantities. Typically the product arrives in Wilmington before spreading out.

Lethal doses are popular by mixing drugs including cocaine and alcohol. Wilmington is a big city with a rather large drug problem. While crack cocaine is the main focus it is not the only cocaine hitting the streets.

Not only are these drugs an issue, but drugs meant to help real conditions are rising in popularity. Pharmaceuticals are particularly lethal and rising. Oxycodone, Percocet, Tylox, Percodan, and Roxicet are ordered through online sources as well as found through doctor shopping.

Of less concern is alcohol, but it is still an issue with a dependence that can be helped through the Ibogaine program. Meth is also a limited concern due to issues with quantity. Yet Rehoboth Beach is a known trouble area with traffickers bringing products from Mexico.

As summer rolls into place, club drugs rise near Rehoboth Beach. Rave parties and nightclubs are hotbeds for these drugs like Ecstasy. In recent years tryptamine, a drug known as Foxy has been on the rise.


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