Ibogaine Ego Therapy

Ibogaine is miraculous in how it basically allows a person to see their ego versus their true self.

It as if there is a battle going on between the good and evil within a person. It allows them to look deep inside themselves and see where they were right and where they were wrong by revealing two sides to their personality.

Ibogaine shows a person the false self that they originally lived by and reveals everything wrong with it. It truly shows the person the false self that they have been living by revealing how it looks like from an outside perspective. It is a mystery how this all works out.

Ibogaine helps a person realize the good deed they have done in life as well as bring upon a person all feelings of guilt that have been bothering the person’s soul. It allows them to realize the full extent of two different people that they are. It helps a person overlook their narcissistic qualities and recognize who they truly are as human beings.

It is miraculous in the way it brings open people’s resentments and how the true self can overcome those resentments and let go. It allows a person to recognize the choices they have made in their life and how those choices have to lead them to where they are in life. It helps someone realize their strengths as well as their weaknesses.

Ibogaine is truly miraculous in how it helps someone enter a spiritual war with themselves. Their true identity is revealed and they can now use that identity to become the person they truly are at heart. It reveals all the bad things a person has done and allows them to figure out ways to fix them. It gives a person a chance to redeem themselves from the lives that they have been living.

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