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Ibogaine Treatment for Emotional Trauma

emotional trauma

     Some forms of trauma do not require any concrete harm done to the person. The trauma may in fact have to do with tragedies occurring to others the person is associated with. For example, a person may experience the death of a loved one and not be able to effectively cope with the situation. Many times the person can learn of someone close to them passing away and simply go into shock. They may suppress the grieving process for months or even years after the tragedy has occurred. 

     Other forms of emotional trauma can include social situations that the person is not able to deal with effectively. The person may experience the loss of a business that causes them to fall back into economic depression. The person may experience a brutal divorce or experience the divorce of the parents. The person may also experience emotional abuse by being told things that undervalue the person’s sense of self.

     Emotional trauma can many times be harder to deal with than physical trauma, since the person’s mental state is altered in ways that are difficult to pinpoint. Many times the person experiences feelings of depression and anxiety from this form of trauma. They often do not believe this has been a result of anything in their past and simply disregard the root cause. A person must be willing to accept anything that has occurred in their past in order to fully recover from this ordeal. 

     Ibogaine By David Dardashti offers an introspective experience to help people deal with emotional trauma. The person reflects on the emotional turmoil in the past and learns to recover. They are given insight into events that have actually affected them and thus allows the person to move on with a fulfilling life. 


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