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Erowid is basically an organization that is member-supported which provides precise information about psychoactive plants such as iboga and Ibogaine, chemicals, and similar products.

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Unawareness about psychoactive materials leads to careless consumption or misuse as well. Erowid aims at educating the folks about psychoactive products that exist with precise information in order.

How Erowid gathers its funds to talk about Ibogaine

Erowid works on donations that flow in on the website. If you actually want to take a part in making people aware of Ibogaine treatment and its benefits, you can go online and donate money on Erowid’s website. Apart from donating money, you can help Erowid by purchasing books that they have made available on their website www.erowid.org. Submit material that may be helpful to them and if the material seems fit to them they may put it up on the website. They accept images of psychoactive plants, chemicals, and other products. They welcome experience reports wherein the submitter can write about their personal experiences with Ibogaine and related psychoactive substances. They appreciate published articles, which you can send them along with the source of the article.

How Erowid is Managed and its Purpose

Erowid is mainly managed by only three crew members. There is also staff for managing and monitoring day-to-day activities. However, even you can volunteer for helping them out and play your part. Click here to volunteer for Erowid. The inflow of information sometimes is pretty large, this requires more members in order to properly manage the information, screen it, and stack it as required.

Erowid is a public-service project and majorly relies on donations from individuals and other organizations because of the controversial nature of the website. The inflow of money directed from donations is used to update, and add to the current information about psychoactive drugs such as Ibogaine. The donations that you make to Erowid Center are tax-deductible in the United States. Erowid has also been mentioned countless times in books, journals, and media. The website has a record of all these mentions, the list, fortunately, is pretty big. You can donate books related to drugs on the website under the head Erowid Extracts. Erowid Extracts, which is published half-yearly, comprises of 28 pages of high-quality articles and research material on new emerging psychoactive drugs. Under the Erowid Monthly section of the website visitors can have a chance to find out about events related to drug research, awareness, etc. and several updates on the website.

How Erowid can help you before you take Ibogaine

Erowid has a staff that helps people who have questions. This is a great resource to learn more about Ibogaine detox by communicating to the team for the desired information and you will get a response as soon as it is possible. You might want to note that not all questions will be answered since the members have a lot of work inflow which is time-consuming, so in case your question does not get answered do not repetitively keep sending more messages. Also, you may want to go through the guestbook to read what others have commented on and gained some extra knowledge about the Ibogaine treatment and spiritual process.


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