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Here at our treatment facility, we have always known that trauma is often the root cause of addition and addictive behaviors, and so we’ve made it our mission to greatly increase the effectiveness of other rehab methods, by first treating the trauma, and subsequently the anxiety it brings.

It’s been the foundation of all our treatments.

Making use of Ibogaine treatment as part of our therapy is but a portion of the process.

ibogaine treatment center for trauma

The Ibogaine clinic and research facility is located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and is globally renowned as a leading destination for Ibogaine treatment in both North and South America.

We are known for our track record of success in treating individuals for substance abuse and we’ve helped thousands with the recovery process, but we are also determined to increase the awareness of what the treatment can do for ALL forms of trauma and anxiety.

ibogaine trauma therapy

With the successes that we have attained due to the psychological healing properties in Ibogaine, we believe that Ibogaine will become the foundation on which post traumatic stress and emotional trauma patients will build a successful recovery.

Many patients have had success with treatments for depression, substance abuse, and psychological stress, thus making Ibogaine the top treatment with regards to psychological healing treatments.


ibogaine treatment for trauma

When one has a traumatic event make a mark on their life, they will sometimes experience anxiety, sleep disturbances, obsessive-compulsive behavior, flashbacks, and even panic attacks. The individual may consciously block out this event, but the symptoms can still manifest within the individual’s life and may create a day-to-day dysfunction.

What counts as a “traumatic psychological event” varies by individual. That being said, there are common situations where severe trauma in often an inevitable result. These include childhood abuse, rape, witnessing recurring physical violence or seeing accidents resulting in the death of a loved one. Trauma occurs when the brain cannot fully process the event and thus blocks it out.

treat trauma with ibogaine

The reality is, even if the event is no longer consciously remembered, the brain still needs to work through the event, which can cause the severe anxiety that plagues individuals.

Without the needed catharsis, the conscious mind may seek to quell anxiety through chemical dependencies or compulsions that can greatly affect one’s life.


ibogaine trauma center mexico

Because of this connection between alcohol and/or drug reliance and chemical dependency in patients with unresolved trauma, David Dardashti and his research have shown that Ibogaine treatment can act as a catalyst in recalling and addressing the root trauma and helping create a conscious plan to move forward from undesired habits. For those who have been suffering from addiction, the treatment’s innovative process has already demonstrated highly successful results.

Our center welcomes patients who aspire towards a better future – one filled with hope, joy, and vitality.

Contact us today by phone or our chat widget on this page to help make this future yours.

ibogaine trauma tratment by david dardashti


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