Ibogaine is an anti-addictive substance found in plants of Iboga Tabernanthe. The substance is used to treat people with addiction to heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and steroids. The spiritual use of Iboga Tabernanthe is part of the local African tradition. Many countries in the world have banned the use of Ibogaine Tabernanthe.
David Dardashti’s Ibogaine Clinic uses pure pharmaceutical Ibogaine, following strict pharmaceutical protocols providing pure Ibogaine (Ibogaine Hydrochloride HCL).

Ibogaine Hydrochloride HCL vs. Iboga Tabernanthe root bark:

The average consumer should understand that Ibogaine consists of 12 different alkaloids. Ibogaine Clinic strictly uses only one alkaloid, the pure Ibogaine Hydrochloride. For this reason, the effectiveness of Ibogaine exceeds by far our patients’ expectations! Our patients are aware of the pharmaceutical properties of Ibogaine tree’s root bark. As a logical outcome, they keep asking the reason why we use exclusively Ibogaine Hydrochloride (HCL), despite the fact that there are a lot of benefits to the rest of the alkaloids.

The answer is complicated so an example is needed in order to clarify the purpose behind our decision. Nutritionally wise, you may consider whether to eat the flesh of the fruit, the skin of the fruit, or both. Each and every choice has its benefits, but the optimum solution is a vitamin supplement that concentrates multiple vitamins from dozens of fruits. Our Ibogaine Hydrochloride is a powerful extract that offers a big dose of the beneficial Ibogaine, without additions or worthless nutrients.
The benefits of using concentrated Ibogaine Hydrochloride are similar to the analogy described above. Undoubtedly, there are some benefits if you crush and use the root bark of Iboga Tabernanthe. However, pure Ibogaine Hydrochloride is 1000 times more effective because it is a concentrated dosage.
Therefore, at Ibogaine Clinic we use pure Ibogaine and not alkaloid imitations. Ibogaine is perfect for detoxification since cravings belong to the past. Patients, who undergo treatment, under a change in perception, not hallucinations. It is about time to forget the hallucinations, since the biggest benefit of Ibogaine’s personal understanding.

How is pure Ibogaine obtained?

It’s very important to understand that 1 ton of root bark of Iboga Tabernanthe produces almost 1 kg of pure pharmaceutical Ibogaine. In other words, the extract is 1000 times more effective! This procedure takes a lot of effort and skills, so the extract cannot be obtained with ease. However, David Dardashti’s clinic brings Ibogaine a step closer to the average consumer.

How does Ibogaine Work on the human body?

Ibogaine works directly on the human receptors of the brain. In addition, the immune system gets stronger. In turn, the body starts repairing itself with the passing of the time! Ibogaine Hydrochloride (HCL) is not a panacea, but it simply triggers the defensive mechanisms of the whole body. Our body has the needed technical knowledge to repair and defend itself! Our frenetic routine has damaged the human defensive mechanisms of our body, making our body vulnerable to external threats. Ibogaine brings every cell, every receptor, and every brain’s neurotransmitter back to life. Ibogaine is the perfect way in order to remain healthy!

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