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 Illinois always brings to mind the windy city, amazing architecture, and art galleries. Visiting Chicago always means a trip to the Sears Tower, Grant Park, and many wonderful man-made structures including the Art Institute of Chicago. Despite such an inspiring state, there are many who suffer from drug and alcohol dependency. Alcoholism and drug addiction are very serious issues throughout the state. There is an answer from David Dardashti. The Ibogaine detox and rehabilitation program can help you overcome your addiction and remain rehabilitated. Ibogaine therapy provides specialists through an Ibogaine treatment center.

If you are suffering from alcohol or drug dependency, call to speak to one of the professionals, who are always available 24/7. Current data shows Illinois residents 18 and older are not getting the help they need, which is why David Dardashti wants you to know there is help in Ibogaine for anyone who seeks it.

 What you should know

Chicago is a major hub and distribution center for a variety of industries including illegal drugs. Police state the transportation infrastructure and geographic location make it easy for drug networks to bring in their product. While many of the drugs are coming through Mexico and Colombia, other distribution centers work from Nigeria and West African groups. Drugs are a huge problem including heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. The situation is made worse by violent crimes, which are a part of drug trafficking, which adds to the criminal threat in Illinois. There is work to decrease the crimes, but it will take time to reach the suburban and rural areas that are currently seeking an expansion.

Percentage of Illinois population using/abusing drugs


AGE1 18+
Past Month Illicit Drug Use2 7.13
Past Year Marijuana Use 9.31
Past Month Marijuana Use 5.36
Past Month Use of Illicit Drugs Other Than Marijuana2 3.19
Past Year Cocaine Use 2.48
Past Year Nonmedical Pain Reliever Use 4.10
Perception of Great Risk of Smoking Marijuana Once a Month3 39.17
Past Month Alcohol Use 57.02
Past Month Binge Alcohol Use4 27.99
Perception of Great Risk of Drinking Five or More Drinks Once or Twice a Week3 40.59
Illicit Drug Dependence2 1.83
Illicit Drug Dependence or Abuse2 2.45
Alcohol Dependence 3.67
Alcohol Dependence or Abuse 8.51
Alcohol or Illicit Drug Dependence or Abuse2 9.69
Needing But Not Receiving Treatment for Illicit Drug Use2,6 2.08
Needing But Not Receiving Treatment for Alcohol Use6 8.11
Serious psychological distress 10.31
Having at least one major depressive episode7 6.49

In comparison to other states: Illinois is considered moderately low on illicit drug usage, while marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, and pharmaceuticals are average for age groups of 18 and older.

Examining each drug independently

Marijuana is the most abused and available. Many of the drugs supplied are from Mexican drug cartels. They send bulk shipments in tractor-trailers under the farce of legitimate goods a lot like cocaine and heroin is brought to Chicago and Illinois. Local production has also increased.

Heroin is the second biggest drug threat to Illinois and its main city Chicago. Suburban users are increasing. Main providers are from Southeast and West Asia, South America, and Mexico.

Meth and cocaine are heavy in specific areas. It is trafficked in Mexico often through Mexico. Several outlaw motorcycle gangs are known to carry small batches from California to Illinois. Cocaine is supplied more from New York City, but a few Mexico traffickers as well.

Club drugs unfortunately are big in Chicago due to the distribution hub. Pharmaceuticals through Internet sales are increasing in usage. Alcohol while a moderate problem is not as big as club drugs, but still an issue.

In order to stop drug addiction from becoming worse, it is time to make programs like Ibogaine known. You can act to solve your drug or alcohol dependency. If you find it is difficult to speak with your family, then you can seek Ibogaine treatment.


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