In the early millennium the oxycontin express gave people the ability to sustain heavy drug addictions without having to go on the streets. This involved legal doctors taking advantage of their abilities and over prescribed opiate medications such as oxycontin. Over the years the authorities have come down on these places, making it difficult to do so. The state of Kentucky, however, in recent years has begun to use this malpractice of prescription opiates, causing a rise in substance abuse.

Prescription opiates have been prescribed far more often than they have been in the past. In 2016, approximately 79.5 prescriptions were written for every 100 people. This is significantly high compared to the nation’s average of 51.4 prescriptions for every 100 people. Until recently, it has helped get people off the streets, however, drug overdoses have now begun to occur from people using prescribed medications. 

Like many other states in the country, heroin has begun to be replaced by fentanyl. This highly potent drug is responsible for over 58 percent of the state’s drug overdoses.  The 2019 state overdose report stated that the drug overdoses were 759 and 419, solely from fentanyl use. The opiate epidemic continues to skyrocket all across our nation. It is essential that necessary actions be put into place.

Ibogaine Hydrochloride can be used to help people recover from opiate addiction within a matter of days. Ibogaine By David Dardashti provides an effective treatment approach in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Our team of experts have helped cure thousands of people from the clutches of opiate addiction. 


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