Massachusetts has been through a severe opioid crisis over the years. A much astounding event was the use of Ibogaine Hydrochloride to help fight the opiate abuse that resulted in an epidemic.In addition, where ibogaine hydrochloride was becoming a popular way to deal with the opioid epidemic, it became a topic of debate in the medical community.

The cause of the opiate epidemic in Massachusetts and what events occurred during this epidemic is another embodiment of drug overuse and several deaths in a single wave. To discover these events and find out whether ibogaine hydrochloride was the actual savior or not, each word of this article is worth the read.

What Happened in Massachusetts During the Opiate Epidemic?

A wave of an epidemic swooped 2000 lives from the face of the earth in Massachusetts during the year 2020. This was mass destruction of human lives due to a particular use or rather abuse of opiates.This epidemic led to the announcement of resolution claims against the United States’ three most significant drug distributors. Over the two decades, the citizens of the United States have been exposed to drug overdose leading to death. These drugs primarily involve the use of opioids resulting in opioid use disorder.

Opioid Use Disorder

Opioid use disorder is a life-long chronic ailment accompanied by significantly dangerous and irreversible consequences, including relapses, disability, and death. Opioids are natural or synthetic chemicals prescribed to help reduce acute pain. People largely depend on prescription opioids to manage their ordinary health crisis. This is why opioid dependence and opioid use disorders are common and lethal.

How Ibogaine Hydrochloride Helped or Is Thought to Be Helpful in Circumstances of Opiate Abuse?

While the medical community still holds ibogaine as a topic of contemporary discussions, ibogaine hydrochloride gained popularity by helping people under the influence of opioids to attain sobriety.Ibogaine is a psychoactive alkaloid that contains hallucinogenic properties. A single treatment of ibogaine is known to be effective in opioid cessation while also reducing opioid withdrawal symptoms.

What More Should You Know About Ibogaine Hydrochloride?

There are several consequences of the use of ibogaine hydrochloride. Although ibogaine is proven to be a lesser evil since it provides a way of dealing with the opioid epidemic, it can lead to severe health crises involving cardiac toxicity, psychosis, schizophrenia, and relapses. It, therefore, remains a mystery whether ibogaine is the actual evil or the savior of the day.


The lethality observed in Massachusetts due to opioid use disorder did shake the very foundations of the United States since the State suffered twice the percentage of the national death rate in a single city during the span of a few years. The occurrence of these deaths not only led to a new resolution against the three most significant drug providers of the US but also made a drug be the savior of the day while itself being questioned whether or not it was safe to treat patients with it.

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