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Ibogaine Methadone

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Methadone has been the primary treatment for people suffering from heroin addiction for well over three decades.

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The problem with methadone is that, while it is supposed to be used to help patients beat a heroin addiction, many simply replace heroin with methadone. While it does not provide the same high that heroin does, methadone can be obtained legally.   It’s just that much easier to walk down the street to the local hospital or methadone clinic.

The result of this is that addicts just end up with another addiction that they need to kick. A number of patients will even find themselves alternating between heroin and methadone, as they start to develop a resistance to one or the other. It’s an awful cycle to get caught in, and one that’s even harder to break.  Thankfully, there is hope.


Hope in Ibogaine for discontinuing Methadone

A new alternative treatment for both methadone and heroin use is becoming more popular as evidence of its success is becoming more and more common.

It is important to be aware that methadone addiction is highly dangerous.  Even though it is used as a replacement for heroin, methadone actually has more withdrawal symptoms. We understand that methadone addicts may be in an extremely vulnerable and impressionable state.

The Ibogaine Treatment

Thanks to years of extensive research and experience, we have been able to create a unique and innovative treatment specifically for methadone addicts.  This treatment allows the user to avoid many of the dramatic withdrawal symptoms and detox safely, without having to worry about the severe and unpleasant results of withdrawal.

Our unique Ibogaine treatments are administered by trained professionals.  You will be constantly monitored by our staff members, and the peaceful environment we create is the perfect place for your treatment.

All addictions, including methadone and heroin, have two parts: physical and mental. Our therapy is successful because it addresses both of these parts, rather than just focusing on the physical addiction. Most rehab and detox programs focus only on the physical aspect.

The primary aspect of the physical addiction is the damage done to the dopamine uptake pathways within the brain.  Drug use disorganizes  — and in some cases destroys – these pathways, making it hard or impossible for the user to understand their addiction in an objective sense.  In addition to reducing the physical symptoms, the Ibogaine treatment restores normality to the dopamine pathways.

Once these pathways have been restored, patients are able to look at the mental aspect of their addiction and analyze their addictive tendencies without obsession, anger, or any other negative emotions.

How ibogaine works for Methadone users

Someone with an addictive personality will generally be very irrational.  Most drugs, including methadone, only add to this irrationality. Once the patient experiences the full Ibogaine treatment, they will find that they have been freed of their irrational tendencies, and are able to think about their addiction more clearly.

The most important thing to remember is that the mind and body need to be in balance in order to work properly.  Drug addiction creates a dramatic imbalance between the mind and the body.  An Ibogaine treatment allows the patient to see this imbalance in a new light.  Once they can see the problem objectively, they are able to take steps to correct it.  This is the first step toward a new addiction-free life.

Ready to Take the Step?

If you have any questions or feel you are ready to take this first step, call us at 1-888-462-1164 or send us an email directly through our website. We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have and to set you on the path to freedom and fulfillment.


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