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Ibogaine Motivation

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Many of us avoid our fears at all costs.

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By delaying the inevitable, we avoid the desire to further develop our inner beauty, causing us to develop great feelings of despair over time. We feed our fears by not facing them, which results in a lack of motivation towards our passions in life. Laziness is the suppression of fear and this causes a lack of confidence within ourselves over time.

Our fears begin to escalate overtime when we continue to avoid facing them. We begin to face life challenges with overwhelming levels of anxiety, which could be avoided if we would have simply faced them in the first place. What is it we are so afraid of in the first place? We are frightened by the possible waste of passion towards a goal, when we can no longer achieve it. We end up engaging in activities we are comfortable with, avoiding our fears.

Over time, we grow tired of the same repetitive behaviors leading ourselves into a state of boredom. In doing so we avoid the need to satisfy our true passion in life, leading us into depressive states. We must embrace our fears if we are to ever find our true purpose in life.


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