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Those living in Nevada are fun-loving yet responsible citizens who enjoy all that their State has to offer.

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The residents here take great pride in their respective communities, and they are proud and supportive of their College football teams. The citizens of Nevada pay close attention to the drug abuse issues that are present here, and warmly welcome any successful forms of treatment like those that evolve around the use of Ibogaine.

Many of the communities within Nevada are dealing with the problem of drug abuse and alcoholism. Friends and families often play an important role in seeking out treatments and show a keen interest in Ibogaine detox opportunities. Ibogaine therapy is rapidly gaining recognition for its success as a treatment for both drug abusers and those addicted to alcohol. Fortunately, there are the Ibogaine treatments being offered along with Ibogaine detox being offered by David Dardashti, and immediate help is available at 1-888-462-1164.

The illicit drug of choice for those in Nevada appears to be meth. Nevada provides a central point for the transporting and shipment of different types of drugs arriving from the eastern and central parts of the USA.

How Does Nevada compare with the other States?

Illicit drugs in general:

For those 18 and over the overall use of illicit drugs is moderately high.


It is average for those between 18 and 25, but is moderately high in the 26 and older age group.


Cocaine use in Nevada is considered to be moderately high for those at the age of 18 and beyond.


For those living in Nevada and 26 years old or older alcohol abuse is moderately high, but remains about average for the 18 to 25 age group.


These choices of drugs are included as the highest for those who are 18 and beyond

Percentage of Nevada population using/abusing drugs

AGE1 18+
Past Month Illicit Drug Use2 8.87
Past Year Marijuana Use 9.78
Past Month Marijuana Use 5.95
Past Month Use of Illicit Drugs Other Than Marijuana2 4.03
Past Year Cocaine Use 2.41
Past Year Nonmedical Pain Reliever Use 5.94
Perception of Great Risk of Smoking Marijuana Once a Month3 37.30
Past Month Alcohol Use 56.11
Past Month Binge Alcohol Use4 25.83
Perception of Great Risk of Drinking Five or More Drinks Once or Twice a Week3 43.17
Illicit Drug Dependence2 1.76
Illicit Drug Dependence or Abuse2 2.49
Alcohol Dependence 3.68
Alcohol Dependence or Abuse 8.43
Alcohol or Illicit Drug Dependence or Abuse2 9.47
Needing But Not Receiving Treatment for Illicit Drug Use2,6 2.28
Needing But Not Receiving Treatment for Alcohol Use6 8.09
Serious psychological distress 11.96
Having at least one major depressive episode7 9.10




This is the most likely drug of abuse here in Nevada and arrives from super labs originating in California and Mexico.


In its crack cocaine form, it is well received in the urban areas. It varies throughout Nevada as to its being the drug of choice. The control and distribution are in the hands of street gangs.

Marijuana and Alcohol:

While these are mistakenly often considered to be the less potent of drug abuse they have their own level of seriousness, and addicted users respond well to Ibogaine therapy. There is easy access to marijuana in Nevada and alcohol abuse is considered to be a serious problem


Areas like Las Vegas and Reno are seeing an increase in prescription fraud, with the providers being some of those within the medical communities.


Is not extinct in Nevada and the most sought after is the Mexican black tar.

Club Drugs:

These are more prominent in the Southern cities of Nevada and are not as prevalent in the urban areas to the North.

What is the Nevada Drug Solution?

Ibogaine is a safe and natural drug when used under proper supervision is powerful for the treatment of many different types of drug abuse ranging from mild to severe addictions. There are Ibogaine Treatment centers that are available to those seeking out drug rehab measures that work both in the short term as well as in the long term.


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